How to view the source code or HTML of a web page in Safari?

Knowing how to see HTML in Safari is very useful, since the source code is an important section of every page on the internet, in fact, through it you can learn a lot of valuable and relevant information about the site, but it is good first of all that you know the version of your safari browser.

Steps to view HTML in Safari?

Although the plan to access the root characters is similar in the different programs and OS, the truth is that each one has a particular way to achieve it satisfactorily, thus, to see the HTML in Safari you will have to do the following.

Display the Development panel

First, you will have to activate the “Development” menu in Safari, for this, you have to have run said tool and go to the universal menu called “Safari” and then press the “Preferences” section.

Within this section you must find and select the tab for the program’s “Advanced” setting , where you can now activate a mode known as “Show the Development menu in the menu bar”

View the HTML in Safari

After having correctly located the previous option, you can proceed to view the source code of any web page on your Mac with the Safari browser, if it is slow and you want to improve the speed, enter here. If not, you have to open the site where you want to see the HTML.

Next, with the web loaded, take your action to the “Development” panel and decide to press the option “Show page source code”. Action that will result in the appearance of said element on the left side of your screen, divided, in turn, into two parts.

Other ways to access HTML in Safari

Even though the basic and regular procedure to view HTML in Safari is the one you have seen in the previous section, there are actually other ways to open this very useful and usable element .

Direct access from the mouse

Yes, just as this section indicates, one of the ways to open the section where you can see the source code is in the menu of your mouse or pointer, and it is quite easy to do so.

You just have to be on the web page where you want to consult the HTML and, within it, hit the right mouse button or touchpad (depending on your case) so that the small options window pops up.

Of all the available choices, you will have to choose the one that says “Show page source “, as it is the one that interests you and with which you will get that element to appear on the screen.

Keyboard commands

You can also make use of the shortcuts associated with the keyboard through the specific commands for them, in this case, you have to press the “Option + Command + U” keys in parallel .

What is the usefulness of the root code of a page?

The source code is a fundamental piece in the creation, development and monitoring of any web page, in it you can appreciate all the important attributes that the site in question has.

Among the most common uses or reasons for accessing HTML is to be able to obtain direct and specific links to the iconographies that have been used or inserted on the website.

Similarly, thanks to the information contained in it, you can have available or find the links through which you are redirected to other portals, addresses or web pages. at the same time you can know the HTML of another browser here.

Knowing which components are loaded is also possible when studying this programming language, with this you can better understand its precise operation.

Another great reason usually see this information content is to track the useful elements in it, that affect SEO web and other elements, such as “meta” headers or “H1”, the ” Nofollows ” and much more.


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