How to View Recorded Videos in HomeKit Secure Video

If you have Secure Video from HomeKit, it sure is for your privacy, to make you feel safer at home or at your workplace. In the event that you have it installed, you will know its advantages, and one of them is that you can watch the videos recorded in HomeKit’s Secure Video . Today we tell you how:

HomeKit Secure Video: How to Watch Recorded Videos

Surely you are aware that if you have Secure Video by HomeKit installed you can see the video transmissions and recordings . It is great to stay more calm or if you have the slightest suspicion about anything, so that nothing is overlooked.

How do you do it? Enter the Home app and you can see everything from there, both live and video recordings. And you can even add authorized users so they can see it from the Home app on their Mac or Apple Watch.

If you stand on top of a video clip you can see what time and day you are watching.

From the calendar that is located above you can go to the recordings of specific days. Of course, the app allows you to see the last 10 days in iCloud.

Using the video timeline at the bottom you will be able to play or pause the recording at any time, as well as advance or rewind the video.

And if you notice and see the icon of an animal, a person or a car on the timeline, click on it and you will be able to see the video recorded at that moment; when it detected movement. And you can even pinch your fingers to zoom in and see the image better.

You have all these recordings in iCloud but you can share them with whoever you want. Simply from ” i ” you can manage it, to save them in Photos if you prefer and send it to whoever you want.

Now that you know how to watch the videos recorded in Secure Video by HomeKit, you just have to follow these steps and you will not have any problem.

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