How to view iCloud keychain passwords?

If it has happened to you that you want to know how you can see the passwords that you have stored in the famous and widely used password management system called iCloud, which the creators of Apple have developed for their devices, then you are in the right place. In this article, you will discover what is the best way to see your passwords and what other information you can store in it, but if you still do not have this App, then you can download it by entering its official store in this way and you will only have to Follow the steps shown so that you can start using this application on your iOS devices in the right way.

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  1. Where are the keychain passwords found on an iPhone?
  2. What are the steps to view keychain information on a Mac?
  3. What kind of information does iCloud Keychain store?
    1. Cards
    2. Users and passwords
    3. Wi-Fi passwords
    4. Internet Accounts

Where are the keychain passwords found on an iPhone?

This password management system for iOS operating systems has been created so that its users can store any information safely and access it easily and above all quickly, since the passwords or user names that you frequently use to log in On any website or social networks, as well as the numbers of your cards, you will find it saved privately just by going to the ‘system settings and configurations menu’ of your device.

So, if you slide this menu you will find in it, the ‘Passwords’ section, you will only have to make a clip on that option so that in this way all the passwords that you have saved in the iCloud keychain of your iPhone are displayed.

What are the steps to view keychain information on a Mac?

Once you download the iCloud App, you may not know how to access your saved information, if this is your case then follow these steps so that you can see your passwords or any other information on your iCloup keychain through a Mac:

  • Head to the iCloud application on your Mac and then clip on it for the options that it brings.
  • For this you must make use of Spotlight, since this means will allow you to open any App quickly and through shortcuts and you can find it in the central bar of your desktop. Although.
  • If even following this procedure you cannot open the App, then you must create an account and configure it by  entering your personal ID very well.
  • When you have entered the application you will see a window with some options and on the left you will see many submenus.
  • Go to the option that says ‘System passwords’located on the left in the submenu and make a clip on it.
  • Now, a list of all the networks and passwords that are currently stored in the keychain will appear, you just have to click on the password or information that you want to see. On the other hand, it is important to mention that if you have many saved networks you can quickly search by pressing the first letter of the name of the password or data you are looking for and it will appear selected.


What kind of information does iCloud Keychain store?

The storage of data, passwords and all types of files is a safe procedure that this social platform offers to all its users, which is immediately integrated into your computer without having to do any extra procedure.


The use of bank cards is very frequent today, it is for them that applications have been developed that allow users to avoid any inconvenience when accessing their bank accounts, preventing them from carrying out their transactions quickly and especially if an emergency should arise.

Given this, this option allows you to save the numerical data and your personal ID of your credit cards or another, since this App has a numerical encryption system, which saves some sensitive data, such as important and confidential information who have bank cards.

Users and passwords

This new tool saves usernames and passwords that you frequently use on your iOS device, by offering in a safe and private way to create backup copies that will remain integrated into your device if a failure occurs with your operating system and important information may be lost. .

Wi-Fi passwords

In all parts of the world, the use of Wi-Fi is essential since it allows us to be connected to the internet to carry out any work that is necessary to use it. That is why this system has not set aside this option, which is widely used by everyone today. Well, with the iCloud keychain you will be able to see the passwords that you have saved on your Mac or iPhone easily, you just have to access it and activate said App.

Internet Accounts

With these tools you can access any internet account by saving personal, login or security data on your iPhone or Mac computer and from the iCloud keychain, so that if you forget or lose it you can find it there just by accessing it using your own Apple ID. All this in order that when browsing the internet you can do it freely, being sure that your personal data is protected.

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