How to view and find Windows server product key easily?

The Windows operating system is one of the most used today, being perhaps the most popular that exists to date, preferred by users. It has considerably improved its interface, adding more options and tools for greater scope. To access it, it is necessary to find the Windows product key regardless of the version used (if you want to know how many versions of Windows server there are, you can enter here)

Windows works with a security system that protects the legality of its products against pirated or fraudulent copies that take advantage of some aspect. That is why when a specific edition is installed again, the operating system will generally request the product key to continue with the process.

What is the Windows Product Key and what is its role?

Microsoft on its website defines it as a pattern of 25 separate 5 by 5 characters whose function is to activate Windows. It is required when installing or reinstalling any edition of Windows. Then, you must install Windows 10 using serials for the product to be permanently activated.

The key or security key is an important aspect within the Windows operating system, since it is attached to the product license as such. As general knowledge, a license, in this case computing, is one that allows the user to acquire with prior payment, a kind of subscription or endorsement to execute the services of the product.


Both the Windows license and the product key prevent the operating system from being hacked, safeguarding the legal integrity of the developer. However, unofficial copies of Windows are becoming more common. However, they do not guarantee that they will work at the level of the original versions and they even fail over time.

Due to these reasons, finding the Windows product key is mandatory to fully validate the purchased system license. Otherwise, by not going through this preliminary step, you will basically be in the presence of an unauthorized copy by Windows of any of its editions, so that you will be subject to any counterproductive event that may occur.

What do I need to know to find the key?

In earlier times, Windows granted the product key by placing a “label” attached to the purchased package or the new PC. Currently, the panorama is very different from then, since Microsoft decided to dispense with that route because it was the subject of fraudulent actions.

The new way to find the Windows product key is through the operating system registry. This contains the key to run the installation, which is effectively saved when you start the process to add the operating system.

To perform this procedure, you must first press “Start; Windows + R “and thus activate the” Run “window next to your search engine. Then type “regedit” in the blank bar and hit “OK.”


Follow the path: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE / SOFTWARE / Microsoft / WindowsNT / CurrentVersion / SoftwareProtectionPlatform to find the box by name “BackupProductKeyDefault” and note the key data to continue.

Another shortcut on the way to find the Windows product key is through the UEFI-BIOS system, which is found in the version of Windows to install. Press “Windows + R”, type the cmd command in the empty line of the “Run” window to open the Windows console.

Transcribe the command wmic path softwarelicensingservice get OA3xOriginalProductKey, press “Enter” on the keyboard and the product key number will immediately be reflected on the screen, save it safely so as not to lose track of it. Once you have installed the Windows you have, you can activate the rest of the programs such as Office  with the product key.


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