How to View All My Installed Apps on Android

Many are the users who prefer to download applications and test them until they find one that meets the expectations they are looking for, so maybe one day you downloaded one that you liked, but for one reason or another you had to delete it from your mobile. If you wonder how to see all my installed applications? Don’t worry, we will answer this question here.

Currently there may be many Apps on your phone, so many that sometimes you even forget the names of some. Fortunately, most phones keep a record of what you have downloaded and deleted, to avoid the hassle of trying each of the Apps until you find the one you need.

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Is it possible to see all my installed applications?

Yes, and it is very simple and easy to do, you just have to search in the Play Store or on your own device. You must bear in mind that you can see the apps you had on your previous device, of course, if you enter from the same Google account.

With these steps, which you will see immediately, you will be able to know which are all the apps that you have installed on your smart device . You will also know all the information about them, such as, among other things, how much space it occupies in memory, what is the battery consumption it generates.

To view this information, you will have three procedures, so you can choose the one that is simpler and more useful depending on what you want to see.

Steps to view the history of downloaded apps on my Android phone

Perhaps you are one of those people who has a lot of apps installed on your PC and you don’t know exactly what they are called and how much they weigh. Before you go through all the apps one after the other through your toolbox, you can use other more practical ways that let you see all the apps in one place.

Regarding the question How to see all my installed applications? One of the alternatives can be from the menu of your smart device, from the Android store itself or from an application that will give you a list of all the ones you have at the moment.

1- From Google Play

This is one of the simplest ways to get in and answer the question How do I see all my installed apps? You only have to access the store from your browser. Keep in mind that you first need to log in with the Google account that you use on your devices with Android system and from which you want to know the downloaded and installed applications.

  1. Access the Google Playstore .
  2. In the left sidebar, you will click on ” Applications“.
  3. A submenu will open that will show you several options, select ” My applications“.
  4. Next, on the right side, you will find all those applications that you have installed on any device associated with your Google account. Regardless of whether you have already uninstalled the app.
  5. Since you are only interested in the ones you still have, that is, the ones you have installed and the ones on your current mobile phone, you must go to where it says ” All my applications” or All my Apps , and click on it to open the menu.
  6. In case you have several devices associated with the same account, they will all go out. You just have to click on the one you currently have in your possession or the one that interests you.
  7. Choose your mobile phone to see all the applications you have.

2- From the Android mobile device itself

To see what you have available on your mobile, you just have to enter the Settings of your PC and look for the ” Apps ” section . You should keep in mind that all devices have their own background design, so the steps vary depending on their brand and model. However, the difference is not much.

Once there, you can choose to see all the applications or only the ones you have installed. You also have the option to see the ones that you have uninstalled, or activate the ones suggested by the operating system, in order to see the ones that are pre-installed on the internal memory system partition.

From here you can see information about each of the applications, how much space they are occupying, how much battery they consume, what function it fulfills in the device, in the case of the ones it brings, and other information.

In the same way you can deactivate them, see what functions they have as they may be necessary for the operation of the phone .

3- Through an application

If the previous option seems more complicated, you have another option that may be a little simpler. We are talking about using the List My Apps tool , which you can find for free in the Play Store. Essentially, it helps you discover skills that you don’t have on the store’s own platform.

You can use it to know when you installed the application for the first time, when it was last updated, what version you have, find apps that are generating ads and all the ones you need, the ones you installed or the ones you had before.

To find out how to get the Apps, do the following:

Download List My Apps for Android

  1. You must download the List My Appstool .
  2. Once the installation is complete and you open it, you will be able to see the entire list of the ones you have installed. No permissions are required for its functionality.
  3. This lets you create texts and annotations to use later. You can also select applications for the platform to create a file with the entire list if you wish.

How can I restore the Apps that I have uninstalled?

You often delete applications from your mobile phone, either because they consume a lot of memory or because you no longer need them. If this is your case and you want to recover some of it, perhaps the fastest and most effective way is to enter the history of applications that you have downloaded.

Google Play is a store with millions of tools to use , so it keeps a record of the ones you have ever installed.

  1. Go to the Play Store app.
  2. Go to the left sidebar and go to ” My apps and games“.
  3. Finally, click on ” Library” at the top.


  1. While here you will find everything that you have installed and uninstalled with your Gmail account. This way, you can see the ones that you have even uninstalled on any device that you have linked.
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