How to use your Apple TV if you are not in the United States?

Apple TV is a small device that allows users to enjoy television, although it has been a subject of controversy since, despite globalization, we see the manufacturing company has been limited by geographical aspects that interfere with providing its services in other countries different from that of origin, by means of said device.

What happens here is that the streaming service is practically useless in other territories outside the United States, making its acquisition totally laughable. But with it it is possible to watch series and movies from Disney Plus, Netflix, HBO and others …

Therefore, there are many users of the brand who prefer not to buy it, because they do not know how to install it or make it functional in their country. So do not worry, we will help you to use it, wherever you are, read carefully what we will tell you.

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  1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of geo-blocking on Apple TV?
  2. Is it possible to use your Apple TV without the US user setup?
  3. How can you configure your Apple TV as if you were in the USA?
    1. Choose an American ID address
    2. Select a VPN provider

What are the advantages and disadvantages of geo-blocking on Apple TV?

From the point of view of television users or consumers, we can highlight that there are a large number of disadvantages compared to the geo-block that the company has, since without being their fault, it is difficult for anyone outside the USA to use said services, which in turn causes them to look for other alternatives.

In other words, this generates, on the one hand, dissatisfaction on the part of the users and at the same time, losses for the company because it does not have the same sales volume.

However, the positive thing about this situation is that North American laws are respected above all else, in addition to guaranteeing copyright and other benefits to brands, artists or firms that are in charge of programming series, movies, music and other entertainment media of the same nature.

Is it possible to use your Apple TV without the US user setup?

In order to answer the question posed, you should know that Apple TV will ask you to have a registered user account in the United States , in this way no access to the services offered by the platform will be blocked.

Consequently, it is clearly reflected that you can NOT use it with a user account whose origin is located outside the national territory, so you must find the most appropriate way so that this does not happen to you and you can take advantage of the device or if you have any known in that country to help you with it.

How can you configure your Apple TV as if you were in the USA?

Now, knowing that it is not possible to use the Apple TV with the user who is not from the USA, then there are some strategies that you can implement for this purpose.

Next, we will explain in greater detail the two alternatives that are generally used and whose results are truly effective, so they will very surely serve you. Take note and pay attention to everything we will tell you, as it is valuable and important information

Choose an American ID address

The first thing is to look for an ID address of North American origin , otherwise the process will be denied or you will not be able to fulfill the task. It can support you in some applications or websites that provide this type of information or change your location .

When you have it ready, you must open your iTunes account (which is also originated in the United States), so that from there you can access and download the Apple TV application and then program it there.

After this, you must enter the iTunes app using the existing account you have, there you can change the country to the United States (from the ‘account settings’).

Now look for a new free application or download a music track in iTunes, where you will be asked to enter your account information (put email and password different from the current account).

After filling in the data, you are asked to also enter the address, in this part enter the one that was generated from the internet. Finally, you only have to verify the account from your email , so that there you can install the TV application and start enjoying its services.

Select a VPN provider

On the other hand, you have the option to select a VPN provider so that you can safely access Apple TV. In this sense, it is necessary that a series of criteria be met that you must evaluate , since you will be able to get many on the web and you need to choose the best one, in addition to that they constantly change.

  • To get started, you must have destination serversin the United States.
  • That you have access to other streaming platforms, such as Netflix, since it is one of those that fights against geo-blocking.
  • The security they provide is very important
  • They are required to have speed on the network
  • That the VPN service is of quality

We will not really be able to tell you which one to choose, since it is not an easy decision to make and it is necessary to evaluate as many options as you have and to detail an investigation in each of them in order to obtain good results with Apple TV.

So try to advise yourself as best as possible, since VPN regulations vary from one moment to another, causing some services it offers to stop working, place new ones, eliminate some improvements, make changes to its interface, increase speed and other aspects that you should consider to choose very well.

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