How To Use Windows OneNote app in the classroom

Students who have used the OneNote app will agree that the OneNote app for taking and writing handwritten notes in the classroom is essential.There are many other benefits worth mentioning, and therefore part of my regular exercise routine here. Please note: The information in this post is for the Windows 8 OneNote app , not the Office OneNote software.


  1. Windows 8 OneNote app
  2. Improved pen and ink customization
  3. Screen Capture with Share Charm
  4. Capturing documents, magazines and whiteboards with Camera Scan
  5. Recent Notes and Page Preview
  6. OCR

Windows 8 OneNote app

Improved pen and ink customization

The Metro style OneNote Windows app has a radial menu system. The central part of the application allows you to edit and delete portions of digital ink and choose pen preferences while drawing and writing. Options are displayed when you bring the stylus up to the screen, causing the Radial Menu to pop-up.

Click on it to open and see the available handles. By default, the menu offers four knobs. You can customize them by going to the second level of the radial menu and then choosing the color and thickness you want.

Screen Capture with Share Charm

You can take a screenshot of just about anything and send it to OneNote using Windows Share Charm. Follow these steps:

Press Win + C or swipe your finger along the right edge of the screen to open the Search option in the charms bar. Select OneNote and then select Submit. The captured screen will be sent immediately to the OneNote app! The app will of course show you a preview of the screenshot before sending it to OneNote.

Capturing documents, magazines and whiteboards with Camera Scan

The most commonly used e-note solution also has a Camera Scan feature to help you upload document and whiteboard images to OneNote. This function by itself, without any commands, crops, rotates, straightens and removes unnecessary elements and sharpens the image so that it looks like a scanned document.

To use Camera Scan, select a camera from the radial menu. Watch the video for more help on this matter.

Recent Notes and Page Preview

When you open OneNote, you will see all the last notes you took, regardless of the device you are using. The Recent Notes view shows all of your notes in the correct order, reminding you of when they were last edited.

What the app changes is its preview function. The app, not just the page title, shows a preview of the collected notes. Page preview saves you the trouble of having to open the entire page. For short notes and simple reminders like “doing your math homework,” the preview will often contain all the information you need.


OneNote includes built-in OCR, among other things. This is one of the most overlooked and underrated features in OneNote. What is it used for? Copy and paste the picture into your OneNote document, and then select Copy Text From Picture. You will immediately receive a text version of the text in the image, which you can paste into OneNote or elsewhere.

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