How to use TikTok without downloading the mobile application

A group of hackers called “anonymous” described TikTok as an extremely dangerous application that could endanger people’s privacy, this of course generated a panic that led many people to eliminate or delete the applications of that social network from their equipment.

However, a solution has emerged that gives more confidence to users and is to use this social network through its website without having to download the application, for this you have to follow a series of very simple steps that are mentioned below .

You should always use Google Chrome , you open it from your PC or Tablet. You go to the TikTok website and then hit the view now button. Finally, you will be on the website of this social network without downloading the application.

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  1. What are the advantages of using TikTok Web and what is it for?
  2. How to create a shortcut to easily enter TikTok Web?
  3. Other devices where I can play TikTok content without using the mobile app
    1. From the Smart TV browser

What are the advantages of using TikTok Web and what is it for?

By opening an account on TikTok you can get to know and interact with millions of people around the world , its growth in the few years it has is impressive.

Of course, its use generates a number of advantages such as linking it to another social network such as Facebook, below we will name three of the most important.

  1. You can learn anything: With TikTok you can acquire quality knowledge on any subject, what you imagine you will find in this social network, all you have to do is look for the videos on the subject that interests you and that’s it.
  2. You can earn money: If you have thousands of followers and you want to venture into self-employment, you can, through TikTok, effectively promote a product or service that you want to sell, there are many who have become new millionaires.
  3. It allows you to promote your personal brand: This is an excellent idea if you have a company or a startup, and in addition to thousands of followers on tiktok, you can create a short, but precise video that goes directly to the point to increase the clientele in your business .

How to create a shortcut to easily enter TikTok Web?

Putting on the desktop of your PC or Tablet a direct access icon to the web pages that you visit constantly implies an opening procedure that avoids wasting valuable time, TikTok being one of the most visited pages in the world, it is to be expected that many create a direct access to this social network, the procedure is as follows:

Right click on the desktop and select new. Then you click on the shortcut in the window that opens. You click next and that’s it.

Other devices where I can play TikTok content without using the mobile app

Other devices to use TikTok is through the smartphone, this is the most common along with PCs or tablets, the procedure is as follows.

You open TikTok on your phone. You click on login. Choose to use phone / email / username. Enter your phone number and send code. Write the code that came to you by text message and voila, you can now log in.

You can also log into TikTok from another social network such as Facebook, Google, even from instagram . This is done in order to save time by synchronizing data with other social networks, here are the steps to follow to achieve it.

Go to the TikTok website and click Do you already have an account? If you chose Facebook, an information window will appear indicating that you had already logged in with Facebook before, click continue.

Finally, there is another option that you can use when you forgot the password to your TikTok account and it is through a QR code from someone else’s account on another device, the procedure is as follows:

Go to TikTok from another device and hit trend. Select the scanner icon located in the upper right corner of the screen. On the other phone, press login with the other device. Scan the QR code.

From the Smart TV browser

The first thing to do is download the Airbean TV app. Then connect your Smart TV and the device to the Wi-Fi network. Start screen mirroring by clicking the “start mirroring” button in the Airbean TV app and wait for the phone to connect to the TV. And now you can start enjoying TikTok on TV.

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