how to teleport to coordinates in minecraft

How to teleport to coordinates in minecraft.Every video game today has different tricks and special options. Like for example, use a command so that it is always day or night in Minecraft. These cheats help us in the game, and Minecraft is no exception. In the game there are certain commands that help us to perform the tasks we want in a much easier and faster way, such as teleportation in Minecraft.If you want to learn how to use the commands and get the most out of them, no problem, because here we show you how to do TP or teleportation in Minecraft .

How to teleport to coordinates in minecraft.

If you follow the steps that we will give you below, you will not only learn to use the teleport command in Minecraft , but you will also be able to see how to use other types of commands to your advantage that can make your gaming experience a much more entertaining one.

How to teleport to coordinates in minecraft; STEPS

There are certain things you need to do to start teleporting freely in your Minecraft game. Here are the steps you need to follow to use the TP command in Minecraft easily:

  • To get started, go to Minecraft.
  • When you go to create a new world, activate the option ” Allow cheats ” so that you can use the commands.
  • Now, once the world is created, you need to know the coordinates of the place where you want to go. To find out, go to the place you want to teleport to in the future and press the Fn and F3 keys at the same time.
  • By doing this, information about your location will appear on your screen. The coordinates are identified by the letters X, Y and Z.
  • Write down or copy the coordinates so you don’t forget them in the future.
  • Press the Fn and F3keys again to remove all that information from the screen.
  • Now go somewhere else to start teleportation.
  • In that place, open the chat and type the following command: / tp @p with the X, Y and Z coordinates in the corresponding order.
  • Press “Enter” to confirm the command.

How to teleport to coordinates in minecraft.

That’s all! Once this is done, you will find yourself in the place of the coordinates that you copied in the command. Of course, you must remember that you do not have to write X, Y and Z literally, but the coordinates that they represent in your case.

You also have to bear in mind that you do not have to write the coordinates as they appear in the information, but only the numbers before the points. In addition, you do not have to put the slash or “Slash” in the chat at the time of putting the command, since it is already included.

What other commands can you use in Minecraft?

In addition to the teleportation command, Minecraft has the ability to put or add commands  that we can also use to improve the game greatly. Some of these useful commands are:

  • / gamerule: Used to establish a rule in the game.
  • / gamemode: Helps the player to set the desired game mode.
  • / give: Allows the player to receive the item they want.
  • spawn: spawns whatever animal or creature the player wants.
  • / clone: ​​makes it possible to clone the blocks or objects to taste.
  • / ban: allows the creator of the world to ban or block the player of their choice.

And just like these there are many more that you can use to your liking during your game in Minecraft. In addition, you can see the large number of tutorials on YouTube that can help you get the most out of the commands.

We encourage you to continue using them, and to teleport as much as you want in Minecraft. And by making the most of these tips, you can even use commands to gain or remove experience in Minecraft very easily..

The most useful commands to play Minecraft

There are several commands that you can use in different Minecraft situations. Some you can use in creative mode and others in survival mode.

  • / Help (commandname):Get information on any command in the game.
  • / instantmine:You can break all the blocks with one click and you can use it with any tool.
  • / dropstore: Storeall the items in your inventory in a chest that will be displayed near your location.
  • / instantplant:Plants can grow instantly.
  • / give (quantity):is used to give another player a specified quantity of items from our inventory.
  • / summon:used to invoke an object or an entity.
  • / gamerule keepInventory true: itis the command used to keep all our objects in the inventory after dying in the game. This trick can be canceled with the / gamerule keepInventory false command.
  • / kill:ideal for killing another player in the game, but be careful, if you don’t enter the player’s name, then you die. It is a good command for when you are playing online with other players.
  • / gamemode creative:switch to creative mode game mode.
  • / gamemode survival:switch to survival mode game mode.
  • / time set 1000:allows you to customize the time in the game. Change the 1000 to 0 and you will be in the hour of dawn, you enter 6000 then it will be noon and if you enter 12000 you will be in the hour of sunset.
  • / difficulty normal:is a command used to change the difficulty of the game. If you replace normal with easy it changes to easy mode and if you put hard it will go to difficult mode.


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