How to use the search magnifier in Windows 10

Many programs offer the ability to zoom in on your data, but it is still vital to learn how to use the search magnifier in Windows 10. This tool can be very beneficial for people with low vision .

The Windows 10 operating system adapted the magnifying glass with the intention of improving consumers’ experience with the product. Since it can be used in programs installed on the computer or on internet pages. However, most users are even unaware of having the function, finding out how to handle it correctly is of great help .

Another way to search for files in Windows 10 is through Enhanced File Search , which is a tool that will thoroughly review files.

Step-by-step guide to using the search magnifier in Windows 10

It is essential that you know that it is a function that is not in the view on the computer screen, but it is present in the tool panels or headbands. Especially on online pages and Office documents.

However, there are some tricks to make the magnifying glass visible on the screen or keep it hidden , it is only necessary to follow the following steps:

  • The first thing is to know that the Windows 10 interface is very simple, as it is focused on the development of less experienced people in the area.
  • In the pages or tools, the normal thing is that the magnifying glass is in the upper or lower headband, represented by a magnifying glass or a sign of addition and subtraction. This can be adapted according to the taste of consumers.
  • If it does not exit, proceed to follow the following path: « Start> Computer> View> Enable Magnifier «. Within this adaptation you can also decide whether the function will be appended to the list of tools from the right click of the cursor.
  • Another trick to use a search magnifier in Windows 10 is to place the arrow over an image and click twice in a row. Immediately, the computer will interpret it as an increase, but in the upper area will be the option where it can be reduced.

This is how the Vista option works in Windows 10

When using search magnifier in Windows 10 it can also be done through an option called ” Views “. Within the function, the user has the opportunity to select the full screen, lens or normal version.

When speaking of full screen, it refers to the one that is activated by default or comes by default with the Windows 10 operating system. While the version called ” Lens ” works based on a giant magnifying glass that moves to the beat of the mouse.

It is very important to know that the function is only available for desktop computers, because it is anchored to the screen. Experts say that the default option is one of the best because it is more flexible and at the same time easier to use. Although if more specific skills are required, the ideal is to select the lens version or the normal version.

Another way to better position yourself on the desktop and view programs is to increase the size of the taskbar icons to locate them more quickly.

Advantages of having a magnifying glass

It is very important to note that despite being a secondary tool, it has endless operational advantages, including the following:

  • Using a search magnifying glass in Windows 10 allows you to see in detail all the values ​​that may be in a worksheet or online page. It is helpful for people who have eye problems, such as blindness or unable to strain their eyes.
  • Another tool similar to the magnifying glass is Zoom, this tool allows you to increase the size of the view, which you can add or add to the taskbar.
  • It serves to expand the information or make it more attractive to the human eye, it also facilitates its visualization. It is compatible with almost any format, be it internal to the device or an application that has been downloaded.
  • It is an element that causes fatigue or visual fatigue, since the larger the elements, the better results it will have.

Another search tool that Windows 10 has is the search mode , which you can activate or deactivate as required.


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