How to use the Repsol Guide

The Repsol Guide is that book or notebook that we used to carry in our car years ago to find out where to eat or sleep in unfamiliar places, and now we are going to teach you how to use it on your mobile or computer .

Time has passed and there are already very few who stop to consult a physical guide. Tools such as Google Maps, Tripadvisor or the different voice assistants offer us more and more complete information.

The Repsol Guide, in addition to being in its traditional paper format, can also be used for free on both the Android and iOS operating systems. Although we must mention that it also has its own website where we will find the same information.

The interface is not very different from what we can find in other guides of the style, and today we will explain step by step how to consult it. If you don’t have it, download it first, or use the website.

Web: Repsol Guide

  • Download Repsol Guide on Android
  • Download Repsol Guide on iOS

How to use the Repsol Guide wizard

When we open the Repsol Guide application we will find a kind of chat with an assistant , as if it were a WhatsApp conversation.

We must emphasize that this assistant is only found within the “Repsol Guide” apps and not on its website.

  • We will begin to receive messages in the application with the terms and conditions that we must accept.
  • We will click on the thumbs up icon to continue.
  • Then, at the bottom will appear different options for the query.
  • We click on the one we want and the Repsol Guide will start looking for places near us on the selected category.
  • In addition, for example, if we want to use the Repsol Guide to search for a restaurant and indicate the type of food desired, it offers us all the information about it, including the price range in which it is found.

How to consult the Repsol Guide

When accessing the guide , it is possible that the wizard that we have told you about earlier appears first, but we prefer to use it in a more conventional way. Let’s see how to do it:

  • To exit the wizard we must click on the house icon , located in the upper right.
  • Next, we will see a menu through which we can navigate with different recommendations with destinations to visit.
  • The main menu that corresponds to “Discover” in the general section is where we see the different activities and options that he recommends us to carry out.
  • At the bottom there are also some options to visit cities in just 48 hours , offering various information of interest.
  • The recommendations will vary depending on our tastes, so little by little it will recommend places more related to us

As we have mentioned before, these guides are designed so that we can go to places where we will not be disappointed , so they are probably more expensive than other less known ones.

WhatsApp will open the links in an internal browser

How to prepare a trip with the Repsol Guide

If we click on the button located in the lower central part called “My Trips” we can prepare a trip in advance .

In the case of the web page, we must press the button located on the right side, which is where “My Trips” is located.

  • We will enter the destination , the origin and the round trip dates .
  • From there, the Repsol Guide will recommend different restaurants and even hotels if we plan to stay overnight on the way.
  • We must also bear in mind that it allows an entire trip to be planned in stages , since it allows adding stops , such as Zaragoza on the route from Madrid to Barcelona.
  • Within the trip it allows us to assign a specific photo , in addition to being able to invite friends . Depending on the different tastes, the Repsol Guide seeks to improve the experience for all travelers.

It should be noted that, to use the Repsol Guide application, you do not have to be registered . Although it is recommended since, as we use it, the results we obtain will be better.

As we can see, using the Repsol Guide is a quick and effective process that will be very useful wherever we go, and that we can complement with pages to search for hotels if we are going to spend several days away.


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