How to use the PS4 controller to play your games on Android

One of the things I like least about mobile games is the controls . Games have been gaining in quality, textures, resolution … but the controls remain the same: touch and slide on a screen that, even though it is large, is not capable of surpassing the classic Playstation or XBox controls . Many developers are aware of this, so they offer support for external controllers in their games, and today you are going to learn how to take advantage of it with your Playstation 4 controller .

In this article we are going to teach you how to connect your PS4 wireless controller to your Android mobile. Unlike what happened with the PS3 controller, this time you don’t need to be root . Everything is done from the settings of the terminal itself and in less than a minute. You have two options: via Bluetooth or via USB-OTG . Both options are just as good, although I personally like cable better. But let’s not mess around anymore, let’s get into trouble.

How to connect a Playstation 4 controller to your Android mobile

Using the Bluetooth connection

Let’s start with the more complicated option, and I say “complicated” because it is the longer of the two . You just need to have the PS4 controller charged and turned off and follow the instructions below:

  1. Turn on the controller by pressing and holding the “PS” and “Share” buttons at the same timeand hold them until the light blinks rapidly in white.
  2. On your mobile, go to Settings> Bluetooth and search for a new device. “Wireless Controller” should appear.
  3. Click on it and connect it.
  4. Ready!

Now you just have to go to your game settings and configure an external controller if they allow it . For that matter, I have tried a Game Boy emulator and it worked without any problem. Of course, I do not know if because of the emulator or because of the Bluetooth itself, but it gave me a few tugs and the app did not react as fast as one would expect. That is why I prefer the second option.

Using a USB-OTG

Through a USB-OTG connector you can connect any type of peripheral to your Android mobile , from a mouse to a keyboard, through an external hard drive, a pendrive or, yes, a PS4 controller. For this you need a USB-OTG cable (you have below a package of two cables for 8.99 euros in Amazon and another in case your mobile is USB type C). This procedure is much simpler, since it is only plug and play.


What are the advantages of USB-OTG? That the connection, being via cable, is much faster and more stable than with Bluetooth, or at least that has been my feeling in the four smartphones that I have tested. Be that as it may, with either of the two options you can play quietly and take your gaming experience to the next level . If you don’t have a PS4, you might be interested in stopping by this post in which we show you the best controllers to play on your Android .

If you want to finish turning your smartphone into a portable console, all you need is this adapter. It is a kind of clip that allows you to place the mobile screen on top of the remote. It’s like using a Nintendo DS . A marvel that, by the way, includes a connector cable.


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