How to use the MicroSD card as internal memory in my Android cell phone?

With recent software updates on Android or iPhone operating systems. It is becoming increasingly clear that phones with little storage space are about to disappear (things take up more memory). That is why it is convenient to learn to use the MicroSD card as internal memory in my Android cell phone .

This is a very useful method to extend the life of your phone, if you have not yet taken the step of buying a higher-end one with more memory. At some point this will also stop working, but as long as it can be applied, so revive your phone from the grave of old with this tutorial (which is more efficient until you move the photos from the internal memory to the card. SD ).

Use the MicroSD card as internal memory on my Android cell phone

The idea of ​​making the MicroSD card part of the internal memory is so that it no longer only contains photos, videos and files, but so that it also has the ability to save applications and heavier things.

The first thing to do to start this process is of course to get the SD card. For all functions optimally said microsd should be class 10 with a memory of 32 to 64GB.

Once purchased, insert it into the corresponding terminal and then go to ” Settings ” from there go to the ” Storage ” section, you will see that inside there is an option called “Portable storage” click on it and proceed to choose the SD card that you put.

You will notice that there is a bar at the top, click on the drop-down that is in it (upper left) and select the option called “Storage settings”.

Once you are in this section you will see that a new option appears called “Format as internal” select it (this will cause Android to format the memory leaving it as internal storage).

A warning message will appear for you to confirm the order, remember that once this is done all the data from the SD will be lost and this will only work on this phone, so it does not hurt to make a backup, so that later you do not have than looking for apps to recover deleted files . When you have everything ready, click on the “Format SD card” button .

With this the process will begin which will take a few minutes, if your Micro SD is not class 10 the message “Your SD card works slow” will appear , ignore it and click ” Continue “.

Move apps and files to the new location

With the above, the MicroSD card can be used as internal memory in my Android cell phone, so with this in mind it is time for you to learn how to move files from internal memory or phone to the SD card .

This is very easy, since just after the previous message, a new screen will appear called “Do you want to move content to your SD card”. You just have to click on “Move content” and then ” Next “.

After this, the Android system will automatically transfer all your data from photos, applications and videos, to the SD memory that is now part of the internal memory. So the process of how to use the MicroSD card as internal memory on my Android cell phone will be completed.

Unlink card

If for some reason you want to remove the SD card, to place a better one or whatever, you must follow the following steps:

First go to the ” Settings ” section and then from there to ” Storage “, click on the “SD Card”. A new window will appear where there is a drop-down that has the option to “Format as portable” click there and finally ” Format ” with this the card will return to normal.

Remember that the same logic applies as in the previous process. Any data stored there will be lost, so it is advisable to make a backup before doing this.

And now yes, with the latter we already know what is necessary to use the MicroSD card as internal memory in my Android cell phone without any problem. Go and try this method to bring your cell phone back to life.

As a final tip, you should look for how to recover a damaged SD or microSD card , so that you can use one that you thought dead as memory and save.


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