How to use the ‘Map Editor’ in Waze

In the times we live in, it is important to save as much time as possible, since as we know time is money. And for this, we can make use of many applications that we can download for free to our mobile.

In this case, we are going to talk about Waze, a simply ideal App if you need to know the state of traffic in real time. That is why below we will show you how to use the Map Editor in Waze and edit maps and level up in the map editors.

This application, unlike others, you do not have to enter written data, it works with voice commands and it will indicate the route without traffic that you must follow. Although there are many applications like this, when you download Waze on your device, you will enjoy many advantages. Among which we can name, the use of said App without having an internet connection.

You can also listen to your favorite music without major problems while using Waze. These are just some of the fantastic virtues of this App. Not to mention that it is the application of this type, which allows you to save megabytes. So keep reading so that you know another interesting function that is the map editor.

How to use Map Editor in Waze and edit maps and level up in map editors

This tool is excellent for users to be able to make edits to the maps of their cities or communities, in which they travel frequently. It is important that you know that in some countries the maps are created with the information that the users provide to the editor, the GPS routes they have saved and the satellite or aerial photos.

In this article we will show you how simple and fun it can be to apply an editing technique, so that in some way you can improve the maps for all Waze users But certain recommendations must be taken into account when editing the maps and among them is reading the editing manual, so as not to make mistakes.

Steps to use the Map Editor and edit maps

The first step is to enter the official page of the map editor, once you are in it you go to the top of the screen. And in the right corner you will find a menu in which you can select between the different servers . Available for Israel, USA and Canada and for the rest of the world.

Now if you are on the Waze home page, click on the login link and then you must click on the Live Map option. Next, you are going to click on Edit map, now the screen shows all the information regarding the actions you can take. You must also enter your data such as the username and password you use in Waze.

You will have an editing area in which you can change, add or delete those objects that are in it. You will find yourself on the map with areas that are blocked by other users since it has a higher editing range. In these cases you can edit it if you do the following, use the PM option in the forum, this to send a private message to the editor.

This to request that the rank be lowered, you can also fill out a form to unlock these areas . But you must bear in mind that you must make the request for the correct country and have the permalink of the segment. You will always be able to find help, tips and tricks on the page so that you do not have problems when using the Waze map editor.

If you still don’t feel ready to use the editor, you can use Practice Mode where you can do all the possible actions in the map editor. You will also find the manual that will guide you and teach you how to use the available functions.

And in this way we finish this article that shows you how to use the Map Editor in Waze and edit maps and level up in the map editors.


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