How to use the keys of your calculator with printer

The calculator with ticket printer or also known as thermal, is considered one of the quietest calculators of all. It has a thermal head that can superficially burn the paper. This means that it is the same technology that was previously used in old fax machines. 

Given the dependence we have numbers, endless ways to handle emerges from all kinds of applications to programs to solve problems in physics, giving response to our needs . And of course, in the commercial and marketing sphere, the use of calculation tools, which also include versatility, cannot be left behind.

For such spaces it will not only be necessary scientific calculator applications , either on an Android mobile or those offered for iPhone and that you want to take to Android . It will be necessary to use a physical tool, which is of great help and in turn emits a physical record of what is calculated. That is why we must tell you about how to use a calculator with a ticket printer

But added to this, we must make the pertinent clarifications and clarify the process to place the roll . We are going to break it down into the following lines.

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  1. Identify the parts of a ticket printer calculator
  2. How to use the keys of your calculator with printer correctly?
  3. How to put the paper roll in the calculator?
  4. Classification of calculators with ticket printer
    1. Thermal Printing Calculator
    2. With Ink Roller
  5. Functions of a calculator with ticket printer
    1. Cost: COST
    2. Sell ​​Price: SELL
    3. Margin cost: MAR
  6. The best ticket printer calculators out there

Identify the parts of a ticket printer calculator

Within the parts of a calculator with impressions, it is extremely similar to the common ones with the difference that these machines with printers have cartridges where the ink for the printing process rests in addition to being larger in appearance than the common ones.

How to use the keys of your calculator with printer correctly?

Before the dependence we have on numbers, an endless number of means to manage them arises, from applications of all kinds to programs to solve physics problems, responding to our shortcomings. And of course, in the commercial and marketing field, the use of calculation tools , which also include versatility , cannot be left behind .

How to put the paper roll in the calculator?

This requires a few simple manual steps. Just feed the roll into the support arms, connect one end of the paper to one of the supports. Then that end is passed through the upper part that connects to the abrasion lathes, the calculator is turned on to make the lathes take the paper, and the process is complete.

Classification of calculators with ticket printer

If you want to know what the classification of printer calculators is , there are two types of printer adding machines which are thermal and ink. Next, I will describe the advantages and function of each of them.

Thermal Printing Calculator

The thermal printer calculator is very quiet. It has a thermal heat head that slightly burns the paper. The same technology that was used in old calculators or machines.

The disadvantage of this type of printing is that it does not last over time. In a matter of a few weeks or months, the ticket printing is completely erased, leaving it blank.

Among the advantages of this system, there are several. as noted above, they are silent. In addition, they do not require ink for their printing process. The thermal head that heats the paper does not need any type of replacement.

With Ink Roller

The ink roller calculator is one of the most widely used. Perhaps it is considered the most useful because its printing is durable, it also has some drawbacks such as the print head is noisy and it can annoy some people because of the sound it exerts. Another disadvantage of ink adders is that they need ink refilling, which is a roller loaded with a lot of ink, which is responsible for printing on the paper.

Functions of a calculator with ticket printer

A calculator with a ticket printer will perform basic operations of addition, subtraction, as well as division and multiplication. This in general measures, although in the market, there are other specialties, the calculations that are executed within it, will be reflected in the paper they emanate.

But the process to execute the calculation in the calculators with a ticket printer will not be the same as that of a common and current calculator, so it is necessary to describe and clarify it. So knowing how to use a ticket printer calculator, it is necessary to detail it.

Cost: COST

The cost or cost , is defined as the monetary value of the consumptions, of factors that the exercise of an economic activity destined to the production of a good supposes. All production development of a good involves the consumption of a variety of productive factors , so the concept of cost is closely linked to sacrifice.

 Sell ​​Price: SELL

The sale price is nothing more than the process of determining the cost that your product or service obtains within the market for the consumer. One of the formulas is the sum of the production costs and each of their percentages. Also expenses, both fixed and variable expenses, adding the percentage of profit that is expected to be obtained with each sale.

Margin cost: MAR

The price margin is considered as the value that you manage to obtain even after subtracting the value of the product. In order to arrive at that value, you first have to familiarize yourself with the gross margin, the net margin, and the contribution margin. In the end, what would be the fair value that must be charged to the client to compensate what was invested? The ticket printing calculator performs this function.

The best ticket printer calculators out there

There are a wide variety of advanced calculators with printers, below, I bring you 3 of the best so you can execute it effectively, which will allow you to keep accounting and calculate both taxes and profits as well as exchange currencies with minimal effort.

Most of these printer calculators are either corded or battery operated. They have a compact and very practical size that allows you to carry it when you need them.

One of the best is the Casio HR-150RCE considered the Best Cheap Printer Calculator. This wonderful Casio calculator is perfect for efficient accounting of any business.

In addition, it has a very portable size, so you can take it with you wherever you want and need. It offers an important value for money.

Another of the best calculators is the Canon 8019B001 , a calculator with a printing function, it is a compact calculator, very fast printing and with very comfortable keys to press that also has a clock and calendar to be able to see or print the time and date together with the rest of your calculations.

Last but not least, Victor Technology 1208, another Printing Calculator, has a large 12-digit display that is very easy to read and manipulate. It has a multitude of very useful automatic keys that facilitate quick and automatic calculations of the profit margin. Also remember that you can use the calculator on your Windows PC whenever you want.


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