How to use the incognito keyboard.

Over the years, humans have developed a great many ways in which we all keep in touch. One of the most popular ways we do this is through mobile phones. These originally could only make calls and receive messages, however, with the passage of time we created Smartphones.

Smartphones are incredible devices, because within the space of these, which fits in the palm of your hand, they store a computer

Among Smartphones there are a lot of auxiliary applications and programs, such as the Swiftkey keyboard. Today we will teach you everything about this keyboard and one of its special modes.

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  1. What is the Swiftkey keyboard and what is incognito mode?
  2. How to use the incognito keyboard.
  3. What advantages does incognito mode give me?
  4. Download Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard for Android
  5. How to create text clips in Swiftkey Keyboard
  6. Samsung keyboard or Swiftkey which is better?
  7. Reasons to use Swiftkey on Android
    1. Customize predictions
    2. Keyboards and sizes.
    3. Writing Flow.
    4. Text translator.
  8. How to remove the incognito keyboard.

What is the Swiftkey keyboard and what is incognito mode?

The Swift Key keyboard was created in 2010 by J. Reynolds and Dr. Medlock, both citizens of the United States of America. His company gained a lot of attention, mostly because of the text prediction systems the program uses. This is part of the series of the best keyboards available for Android.

These text prediction systems gave him the opportunity to cope with the technologies Apple was developing for autocompletion and auto-correction. These apple systems were highly advanced for their time.

However, the problem with these was that Apple had exclusivity over the technology they developed, and they never wanted to distribute it to other brands.

Even so, SwiftKey emerged victorious over this problem due to its greater availability, in addition to the fact that the keyboard is free and you can download it for any phone you want through its publication in the Google Playstore.

The Swiftkey keyboard uses state-of-the-art technology to be able to recognize which words you are going to use and when to offer you the suggestion to add them to the text. Based on this, many users complain because they feel that the keyboard itself is watching them. However, there is a mode called Incognito that allows you to remove this feature from the keyboard.

How to use the incognito keyboard.

The Swiftkey Keyboard allows you to type through its App in incognito mode, to activate this mode you just have to open a chat and wait for the keyboard to come out , after this you must press the icon that is in the upper left part of the keyboard After this a menu will open in which you must select the “Incognito” alternative  and voila you will be able to enjoy an incognito keyboard without any predictions.

This is a procedure that is very famous, because every day more people realize how uncomfortable it is to have a keyboard that records all the words you type , because any malicious person who has access to this information can create irreparable damage to the identity of the victim.

This is because every day we write endless words on the keyboard that at first glance do not seem like much, but when you see that you are really writing, you realize the danger you are in.

On your keyboard you write any type of information a day that can range from harmless data such as your favorite color. However, when entering a bank you have to use your credentials , that is, write them through the keyboard.

If it is “Remembering” or actively recording what you write, you will realize that it is a very important security breach that you have to eliminate.

If you want to activate incognito mode, you will need to open any text box that lets you bring up the Swiftkey keyboard. Once you are there, you must press the button with the three horizontal stripes that is at the top left. This will open a menu with all the options, and you can even remove the vibration of the Swiftkey keyboard from there. However, we will concentrate on the button that has a mask.

What advantages does incognito mode give me?

This button allows you to activate incognito mode and thus be able to safeguard your information more effectively on the web. If you don’t create a record of everything you type on the keyboard, you will never be in danger.

It is important that you know that no type of information from you will be supplied to the Artificial Intelligence program that generates the word suggestions that you see every time you write a message.

Another advantage that it gives you is that you will be able to write without having to take into account the infinite text suggestions it makes, and that on some phones it even changes the word without your permission . You can change the keyboard of your Android whenever you want without problems.

Download Microsoft Swiftkey Keyboard for Android

Downloading this wonderful application for Android is a very easy procedure, you just have to go to the application menu of your mobile device, open the Play Store App then in the search engines of this App  you must search for Swiftkey keyboard, followed by this select the application of the incognito keyboard, press download and voila, you will only have to wait a few minutes for the application to download and install on your Android . 

How to create text clips in Swiftkey Keyboard

Next we will give you a guide to follow so that you know everything related to the Swiftkey Keyboard Text Clips 

Pass the texts to the clipboard: 

  • Select the text you want to copy and press copy.
  • Press the clipboard and press the pencil icon.
  • Press the + to add a new Clip .
  • Type or paste the copied text and press save.

Paste from clipboard:

  • Open the keyboard toolbar .
  • Click on the clipboard icon to find the saved clips .
  • Select the clip you want to paste and copy it.
  • Pass it to the text field or chat part.

Delete content from the clipboard : Go to the clipboard and slide your finger quickly to the left or right, if you do not want to delete it, press undo.

 Samsung keyboard or Swiftkey which is better?

One of the differences is that the Samsung keyboard does not take up storage since it is pre-installed on all Samsung devices, while the Swiftkey keyboard is an App that you must download and occupies between 35 and 40 Mb of space. If you are a fan of emojis and stickers you should use the Swiftkey keyboard as this gives you faster access to them, since Samsung changed the place where they were; With regard to writing Flow Swiftkey supports gestures in various directions such as top to bottom or side to side, while Samsung does not support them, in short, you should use the keyboard that best suits your preference and storage.

Reasons to use Swiftkey on Android

Swiftkey is one of the best applications that exist for the keyboard of your Android because it provides you with different functions, one of them is the incognito mode which prevents the words that you type the most from being saved, another of many of its functions is the clipboard that this it provides you because it allows you to save clips and then send them to your friends, highlighting that this helps you improve your productivity and write even faster.

Customize predictions

One of the reasons to download and use this App is that it provides you with a good auto-correction , also highlighting that it allows you to customize your predictions with emoji prediction after you write a word. On the other hand, it also offers you the predictions in different languages.

Keyboards and sizes.

Swiftkey keyboard gives you the opportunity to manage the keyboard settings, since it gives you the freedom to customize the theme of your keyboard as well as the size and position, thus allowing a better comfort when composing or writing a text or message.

Writing Flow.

The advantage that Flow writing is offering you is that it gives you the privilege of writing even faster. For this, all you have to do is slide your finger across the keyboard, that is, slide your finger across the screen drawing or passing over each letter and you will see how the predictions will automatically appear.

Text translator.

This App allows you access to its translator, you only have to use Microsoft Translator for this you only have to select the option of translate, accept and select the language you want to translate from.


With Swiftkey you have unlimited access to all the stickers you want and it also gives you the freedom to add text to them so that you can enjoy a fun conversation on Telegram, WhatsApp and many other message apps .

How to remove the incognito keyboard.

To remove the Swiftkey Keyboard Incognito Keyboard App, you just have to go to the Play Store application, press menu and scroll to the My Apps and Games alternative and search for the Swiftkey application, select it and press uninstall.


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