How to use the fingerprint reader to scroll an application?

Without a doubt, biometric sensors are here to stay and there are many devices that already have this system that gives us greater security. But, did you know that you can use the fingerprint reader to scroll an application? Yes, as you are reading it. We want to show you how, using an external application we can expand the range of action of our sensor.

Some of these are not configured by default, but we must look for applications that offer us to give more use to what we already have. Such is the case of fingerprint readers, that although it is true they give us protection, we can also give them another application.

Scrolling from the fingerprint reader in an application

Fingerprint Scroll gives us the option to scroll with our biometric sensor on an application. And let’s not worry about the cost, since we can get it for free in the Play Store. Fingerprint Scroll allows us to automatically scroll through the app that is on the screen by sliding our finger over the fingerprint reader.

Use fingerprint gestures as shortcuts for automatic scrolling. We will also be able to quickly go to the top / bottom edges of the content. The displacement that we make can be both horizontally and vertically. When there is more than one area of ​​movement, we can choose where we will be to move.

As we can see, it is a fairly versatile application with which we can use our fingerprint reader to scroll over an application. In addition, it offers us those other functions that are the perfect complement to give us greater comfort and functionality when using our device.

An important point to mention is that the app gives us the option of customizing the options to our liking. For example, adjust the scrolling speed, when scrolling stop instantly or with a brief pause, reverse the direction of movement. So that we do not strain our eyes so much, it comes with the dark mode mode that we can activate when we see fit.

How do we start to use the application?

In Google Play we can find it without problems. First we download the application and start the service by pressing “Start Service”. When you ask us for accessibility permissions we give them to you and it will be almost ready to start working.

We proceed to select at least one application where we want it to work. But, we have the possibility to add others by pressing the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.

All the apps you have on your device will appear. Having chosen where you want the scroll to be done using the fingerprint reader, activated the “Start Service” and given the accessibility permission, we can now use it. So prepare your Samsung Galaxy S10, OnePlus 6T or whatever device you have to apply this tool.

This application also helps a lot to those people who have significant physical disabilities and muscle fatigue to scroll the screen using a few finger gestures.

The screen will keep scrolling until we touch the biometric sensor again. Other new functions will be added to the app later and we can easily activate or deactivate it.

Using the fingerprint reader to scroll an application is already a reality. We invite you to use the app that we have just shown you so that you can try out for yourself what can be done with this tool.

When using it you will see how easy it can make our mobility on the screen over an application. Your opinion is important to us. So before leaving, leave us your comment on what you have read.


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