How to use the Elgato Stream Deck as a home automation control

What is the Stream Deck? Basically it is a configurable keyboard that allows you to manipulate in real time all the functions of a live or video editing from YouTube. It really is a device that after you start using it you will not want to put it down. But, you may wonder, can I use the stream deck as a home automation control ?

And not only that, but it also has macros for online games, it is already programmed with all the settings with which you can use it. The Stream Deck includes 15 programmable and configurable keys, works with a USB port and Elgato software. In this post we will explain how to use it and how you can do it; don’t take off and keep reading with us.

Can I use my Stream Deck as a home automation control in my home?

You will be surprised to know that it can do it, how? using software that offers the IFTTT service; With this you can control almost all your connected devices, including the basic functions of your home such as lights, the robot vacuum cleaner etc. You can achieve everything with this incredible service, in the same way that google apps allow you to control smart devices in your home .

How to activate IFTTT with Stream Deck in my home?

It really is very easy, you must follow the step by step that you will have available below and very soon you will be able to enjoy domotic control from your home with just one key, keep reading with us . Let’s see.

  1.  First go to the main IFTTT page from your browser , then create a personal account there if you do not have one.
  2.  Then you will find the option + this and you must click on this section.
  3.  Proceed to enter Webhooks and activate this option.
  4.  Give the action or trigger a name of your choice and click create trigger
  5.  Then click + that
  6. The options you want to activate will appear , be it the lights, the vacuum cleaner etc, and you will have to connect it.

How did you assign a button to your Stream Deck as a home automation control?

Complete the following steps and assign your home automation control in a few minutes very easily, to have complete control of your smart home; keep reading:

  1.  You will have to enter Webhooks How? from the “my services” section of IFTTT.
  2. Go to the top and you will find an acronym that says “documentation” and proceed to click on that option and thus obtain a unique and original URL , copy it.
  3. Now, go to the stream deck app, and enter. Choose the key of your preference, when you are there drag the use of a web command.
  4. When you have to assign the icon, you will notice that you will see a URL field, proceed to paste the already assigned URL.
  5. Then check the corresponding box from the background.
  6. Ready, in this way you can start using home automation technology  from Stream Deck.

As you can see, it is very easy to have home automation control from your home through the Stream Deck program console , thanks to the IFTTT program that allows you to have an infinity of actions with a few steps to follow, or if you are interested you can turn your Android mobile into a Smart Home with Alexa.

The Stream Deck is an incredible device that allows you to customize the command buttons , making things much easier when editing and reshaping any video or control, and in this way to achieve a more efficient work and performance in a short time.

This post was designed and thought of you, we hope that all the information provided today can really be used in a short time and thus enjoy your Stream Deck and start making your home smart. Don’t forget to keep sharing our content to keep creating. We wish you success in the experience.


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