How To Use the Corner app in Windows Phone 8.1

It often happens that we share our Windows Phone with friends, family, work colleagues, but due to privacy reasons, we do not want to show all applications to a person.In other words, if you only want to show a few apps to whomever you are showing your phone to. In such cases, Apps Corner is the perfect tool for you. Apps Corner is a built-in Windows Phone feature that allows you to select and display only certain apps at startup. So when you give your phone to someone, launch Apps Corner mode and you’re done.

Apps Corner is also useful for multiple user accounts on the same phone. Therefore, if you are concerned that someone might change your phone’s settings without your permission, this feature will make you more secure – just enable this feature when you are not using your phone.

Here’s a quick guide to setting up Apps Corner on your Windows Phone :

Windows Phone 8.1 Apps Corner

  1. Go to the home screen ofyour phone and tap the SETTINGS app in the app list.
  2. Next, in the SETTINGSapp, scroll down to find the App Corner option and tap it.
  3. Continuing, in the corner of the application screen, tap the Applicationsoption and you will get a list of all applications installed on your system. Select the apps you want to display and click Done . Then, in the last section of the image shown below, press the launch button to go to Apps Corner .
  4. So, Apps Cornernow works with the apps selected for display. Now you can see that no one will be able to customize your phone. He will only be able to use the applications that they need to use.

To exit Apps Corner , press and hold the power button on your phone, a shutdown style screen will open where you have to swipe right to exit Apps Corner .

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