How to use the App «My Bookmarks» on iOS and Android devices?

Sports are an area that can be incredibly attractive to people , and it is that different emotions can arise from it, ranging from joy to sadness. We can even say that they have a certain relevance in people’s lives.

That is why many sports fans are constantly reviewing the results of soccer or other sports, of the teams they support. The sport in which we most notice this aspect is soccer, since it is considered one of the best worldwide.

Although we also see the aforementioned fanaticism in basketball, volleyball, table tennis, American football and among others. Therefore, some web development companies have been responsible for designing applications and pages to view such content .

What are scoreboards in a sports game?

Most of the sports games worldwide have a point counting system, that is, when a player fulfills the objective of the game, he automatically scores one or more points . The game determines as the winner the team or person with the most points in favor.

For example, in soccer the objective of the game is easy to understand, it is only necessary for the players to find a way to kick the ball with precision so that it enters the opponent’s goal. This score is equivalent to one point and is known worldwide as a “goal”.

In the case of basketball it is something similar, only that the method of this game is the use of the hands. Players must find a way to throw the ball in such a way that it falls into a hoop that is at a considerable height.

What are sports game markers used for?

Sports have taken a real influence in the recreation sector, they have reached the point that there are even people who focus their lives on learning about the strategies that can be used to improve the odds of a game, called “experts” .

In general, these statistics are not only derived from the position of the players and that’s it. They affect an incredible number of variables that are difficult for people who are not fans to this degree, for example, in baseball, even the number of hits of a player is evaluated .

What is the “My Bookmarks” Application?

Taking into account all the above aspects, fans need constant information , clear and recent what has happened in the games of a certain date . Reason why the «My bookmarks» application was designed .

This application not only shows the results of the most recent confrontation of the teams of a sport, but also provides important details such as the infractions committed by the players, including comments in texts of the narrators.

How to use the “My bookmarks” App on an Android or iOS device?

To use this application on our smartphone, it is first necessary to know our operating system. In the case of Android devices, we must search for the application from the Google Play Store , and in the case of cell phones with an iOS system , we must search for the application from the App Store .

In both cases, we only have to click on the “Install” icon , since the download and installation process is completely automatic. We will notice the completion of the download for two things, the first is a notification issued by the program, and the second is the new icon in the main menu.

This application is really good, since the average of 65 thousand reviews shows that the application has 4 and a half stars on a scale of 5. Therefore, if you are a sports fan and you need to know the results, this app will be for you very useful.

Finally, we hope this article has helped you. However, we would like to hear your opinion. Do you know how the App “My bookmarks” works? Do you consider it an efficient application? Leave us your answers in the comments.


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