How to use the Android TV remote control built into Google TV

Writing text on Android TV with the TV remote is complicated, but it was somewhat easier with the help of the Android TV Remote application , which was installed separately on the mobile. This application is no longer available on Google Play and Google has confirmed that it has ended its official support.

If you still have the old remote control app on your mobile, you can continue using it, but otherwise you are forced to use the new alternative integrated into Google TV ( old Google Play Movies ). The problem is that this version still does not work for everyone , although it is possible to fix it without too many complications.

Use the new Android TV remote

First of all, you will need to have a current version of Google TV or Google Play Movies, depending on what it is called in your region. The new remote control Android quick setting is available both in those countries where the application is called Google TV and in regions where it maintains the name of Google Play Movies.


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Then it will be time to add the remote control quick setting . The process may vary a bit from phone to phone, but in most cases it involves pressing the pencil button to edit the list of available settings and dragging the TV Remote setting. Tap to open it and the app will automatically search for compatible devices.

Now comes the problem. In many cases the search will not yield any results , even if you have an Android TV right next to it, turned on and ready. Thanks to the communication from Google to Android Police, we now know why the new remote control is not able to find the TV: it is necessary that the TV has a higher version of Android TV Remote Service.

Android TV Remote Service is available on Google Play , and to use the new remote control your TV needs to install version 5.0 or higher. At some point, this update will arrive through Google Play, although you can also update it by downloading the APK of the latest version .

To install this APK you have several options: download it directly on TV with a browser or download it on your mobile and send it to TV with an application like Send Files to TV . In both cases, it is quite likely that you need to give the application in turn permission to install applications from APK files.

Otherwise, there is not much more complication. Android TV Remote Service 5.0 will be installed as an update to the version present on the TV and, after opening it, the mobile should correctly recognize and connect to the TV , much faster and more stable than with the old application.

The new remote control has similar functions to the old remote control app, although with a more modern design and more buttons at your disposal. You can choose between controlling by sliding your finger or with a crosshair .

Other buttons at your disposal are the back button, the home page, the volume control and the button to invoke the assistant. Of course, you can also use this application to write text on TV in a simple way.

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