How to use the Adobe Spark Post application

The world of design is in full growth and every time it is possible to find an extraordinary number of tools to publish posts on different digital platforms . Now you can learn how to use the Adobe Spark Post application and become a design expert.

The digital age is expanding, being able to reach every corner of the planet, universalizing thoughts, feelings and art, turning them into an immortalized space.

Advertising in the digital age

The best of all when it comes to developing different programs for advertising design is that you can count on them both on a computer and in the palm of your hand , since they have reached the smartphone application store. So, if you need to make an unforeseen design, you can do it without major complications.

Adobe Spark Post

One of the companies that has stood out in the development of programs and applications in the field of advertising design has been Adobe. Through Adobe Spark Post , you have sought to collect the best features of your different programs and compact them into one.

In this article, you will take a short tour of the different functions of Adobe Spark, so that you can learn, in a short and easy way, the functions that this simple and amazing program hides.

Where you need it, there it will be

It is important to highlight something that has been pointed out previously, and it is the possibility of using this program on different platforms. With a desktop version for computers, a version for Android and another for iOS .

On Google Play, this application, launched in 2018, enjoys great popularity and reputation. With more than 10 million downloads, its users have rated it 4.4 / 5. Highlighting the large number of resources it has, as well as its easy handling and fast interface .

On the iOS platform it is even better, available for iPhone and iPad with versions of iOS 12.2 onwards. The application has a rating of 4.9 / 5, without a doubt, the most outstanding in the design category .

Exploring Adobe Spark Post

It is time to learn how to use this application. There is no better way to start than with templates. As in many other projects, the most difficult thing is to get started, and for this, inspiration is needed.

Available templates

Adobe Spark has a large number of templates. That will help you, precisely, to inspire you to find the design that you consider perfect for publication, even to create your own wallpaper for smartphones . Having the possibility of exploring among the most prominent or in any of its categories.

Tailored to social media

Once you have the idea of ​​what you want to do, or have selected the template that you consider ideal for your design, you will have the possibility to select the size. For this, Adobe Spark offers you some measures to guarantee the quality of the post based on the social network in which you want to publish .

The ideal source

Now is the time to start editing. Do you want to start with the text? Adobe Spark Post offers you different tabs. Among which is “Edit”, through it you can enter an important arsenal of fonts to select the perfect text for your design.

Something important at this point is the interactive nature of the application. Since it suggests font colors that adapt to the design of your image . An extraordinary and useful function.

Image adjustment

If you have an image, but don’t want to explore all the options to find the ideal design, you can use the “Design” function. Which will propose a series of themes that can be adjusted to your image and create, in a simpler and faster way, the ideal design.

Finally, thanks to the “Palette” tool, Adobe Spark suggests a series of filters or modifications to your image. To highlight some of the shades of your design and make it much more attractive than it could be.

Elegance, creativity and simplicity

Now that you know how to use the Adobe Spark Post application, you don’t need much more to get into this important program and create designs with extraordinary resolution and high standards of creativity.

Complement your creativity with the excellent features of Adobe Spark Post and stand out in the world of the most popular social networks  with your creations.


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