How To Use Sticky Notes in macOS Monterey

I’ve always championed the hidden versatility and power of the Notes app on Apple devices. What many people take for a simple notepad offers many more possibilities, and that has been accentuated with the arrival of macOS Monterey . Now we can comment and see collaborative changes and even use tags to classify the notes.

One of those functions that is also reflected in other devices are quick notes , which allow us to write down any data quickly without depending on opening the application itself wherever we are. Let’s see how to master these sticky notes in macOS Monterey.

A key combination or hot corner to open a note faster

It does not matter what you are doing at any given time. You can invoke a new fast note a by pressing the FN (or the globe) + Q keys .

As soon as you add text to it, it will be automatically saved in a special section of the Notes application that you can see at the top of the sidebar:

If you drag this note to any of the other note folders you have in that application, the note will no longer be fast. You can have as many sticky notes as you want, and in them you can add all the data formats that can be added to conventional notes. Being a quick note does not imply less functionality .

Another way to easily invoke sticky notes is by setting up an active corner of the system , so that one is created as soon as you move the mouse to a corner of the screen. You can do it in System Preferences, ‘Mission Control’ panel, by clicking on the ‘Active Corners’ button that you can see in the lower left corner of the window:

It is enough to choose which of the four corners we want to use. When we bring the cursor closer to it, we will see that a black box will appear , and if we click on it, a new quick note will open.

Thanks to this little novelty, taking notes in the face of sudden phone calls or ideas that come to mind will be something much faster and at the same time organized on our Macs. Remember: this will only work if you have macOS Monterey installed.

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