How to use Skype on mobile

You will have to spend a long time abroad and, in order to avoid losing contact with loved ones, you have collected some information about the most popular apps dedicated to calls and video calls over the Internet. Your attention, in the end, fell on the well-known Skype but, given your little experience with technology, you would like some more tips on how to use the aforementioned service.

How do you say? Have I identified exactly the situation you are in? Then let me give you a hand: in fact, in the following lines I will take care of explaining how to use Skype on your mobile phone to make group calls and meetings; moreover, it will be my care to show you how to use the service also for telephone calls to standard landline and cellular users, all over the world.

So, without further ado, make yourself comfortable and take some time to devote to reading this guide: I’m sure that, at the end of it, you will have acquired the necessary skills to be able to use the application in total autonomy. Having said that, I can only wish you happy reading and good luck!


  • Skype costs
  • How to install Skype on mobile
  • How to use Skype on mobile
    • Create an account
    • Make a call / video call
    • Call a traditional number

Skype costs

Let’s start this guide by examining what Skype costs currently are. First, the service is always free to make calls, video calls and chat with other Skype users .

If needed, the same platform can also be used for communications to traditional telephone numbers : in this case, you need to purchase Skype credit or activate one of the available subscription plans.

As for Skype credit , it is available in denominations of 5 € , 10 € and 25 € and involves the payment of a consumer calls, standard cost according to the country of origin and destination: for example, the current rates for phone calls in Italy are equal to 0.024 € / min for calls to landlines and 0.16 € / min for calls to mobile phones, in both cases without connection fee .

Alternatively, it is possible to activate a subscription plan which, for a fixed monthly cost, allows you to obtain a certain amount of minutes to one or more countries. Here are some of them, valid for Italy.

  • Fixed Italy– costs € 3.66 / month and offers unlimited calls to national landlines. It can be tried for free for 30 days.
  • 100 minutes Italy– costs 3.66 € / month and offers 100 minutes of calls to national landlines and mobile phones. It can be tried for free for 30 days.
  • 400 minutes Italy– costs € 7.93 / month and offers 100 minutes of calls to national landlines and mobile phones. It can be tried for free for 30 days.
  • Landlines and mobile phones Italy– costs € 14.64 / month and offers unlimited calls to national landlines.
  • World– costs € 15.60 / month and offers unlimited calls to 63 destinations around the world.

If you want to activate one of the Skype subscription plans, I suggest you proceed through the official website and not from the app: the latter, in fact, does not always allow you to activate the free trial of the subscriptions that provide it; moreover, the price of some plans is higher than that available on the site.

In any case, pay attention to the data traffic available to you: since calls and video calls take place over the Internet, if you use the cellular network, you could quickly consume the Giga of your tariff plan.

Note : The Skype app allows you to call any phone number for 5 minutes for free, without activating any subscription or purchasing credit. This possibility is available only once, for each Skype account. Finally, the service cannot be used to initiate calls to emergency numbers .

How to install Skype on mobile

Having made the necessary clarifications, in order to use Skype on your mobile , you must first download and install the official app of the service. So, if you use a smartphone with an Android operating system with Google services, open the Play Store (the colored triangle icon that resides in the Home or in the app drawer), tap the search bar at the top and type the word ” skype “ inside.

Once this is done, tap the first proposed result and press the Install button to download the app immediately; alternatively, you can quickly reach the dedicated page of the Play Store by following this link .

If you use a smartphone without Play Store , such as one of the latest Huawei branded phones , you can download and install the app using one of the alternative markets for Android : I showed you how to do it in my guide on how install apps on Huawei .

If, on the other hand, yours is an iPhone , open the App Store by touching the white “A” icon on a blue background residing on the Home screen, tap the Search tab at the bottom right and enter the word “skype” at inside. Now, select the first result displayed (the app named Skype for iPhone ), tap the Get / Install button (or the cloud symbol with the down arrow , if you have already installed Skype in the past) and authenticate using Face ID , Touch ID, or Apple ID password .

How to use Skype on mobile

Once Skype is installed, you need to proceed with setting up your account. In this regard, you must know that it is possible to use both a Microsoft account (the same one that can be used on Windows 10 , Xbox One , Office 365 or other services of the Redmond giant, so to speak), and a Skype account created ad- hoc.

If you already have a profile of this type, after opening the Skype app, tap the Login or create account button , enter the email address , phone number or Skype name in the appropriate field, tap the button Go ahead and repeat the same operation, this time, with the password. If not, follow the instructions given in the next paragraph.

Create an account

To create a new Skype account, after opening the app, tap the Sign in or create account button, tap the link Click here to create one (located immediately below the username entry box) and, if you wish to register with your phone number , enter it in the text box displayed on the screen, taking care to select the correct international prefix (for Italy it is * +39 ). If, on the other hand, you prefer to use the e-mail address *, touch the appropriate link located immediately below and indicate the necessary information in the field provided.

Next, tap the button Next , specify a password to use to access your account, touches the button again Next , and when prompted, provide your name and surname . Once this is done, press the Next button , indicate your date of birth , together with the country of residence and tap Next again . We’re almost there: now enter the verification code that you should have received via SMS or email (depending on the registration method chosen) in the appropriate field and press the Next button to finish creating the account and log in to the new profile.

If you need an extra hand in completing the steps seen in this section, I invite you to read my tutorial on how to create a Skype account , in which I have illustrated the topic in greater detail.

Upon successful login, the app should ask you for permission to access your system contacts and notifications : reply affirmatively to the messages proposed so that Skype can work at its best.

Add new contacts

To add a new contact to your Skype list, tap the Contacts button at the bottom right, touch the button depicting a little man with the “+” symbol and enter, in the appropriate text field, the Skype username , the email address or phone number of the person you want to add.

Now, take a look at the list of results and, after identifying the exact one, tap the Add button next to its name, in order to put it in the list of your Skype contacts: in this way, it will be easier to quickly start a call or video call to the user in question.

Make a call / video call

Dopo aver effettuato il login con il tuo account Skype e aver concesso all’app i permessi necessari, sei finalmente pronto ad effettuare chiamate e videochiamate tramite il celebre servizio di Microsoft. Ti ricordo che le chiamate ultime vengono effettuate tramite Internet e sono gratuite solo se effettuate verso altri utenti Skype.

Per iniziare, sfiora dunque il pulsante Contatti collocato in basso a destra e, se la persona che ti interessa chiamare è già presente nella rubrica, fai tap sul suo nome, in modo da aprire una nuova schermata di chat. In caso contrario, puoi cercare l’utente di tuo interesse facendo tap sul pulsante Chat posto in basso a sinistra, digitandone il nome, il nome Skype o l’indirizzo email all’interno dell’area di ricerca e facendo tap sulla corrispondenza di tuo interesse, tra quelle proposte.

Now, if you are interested in starting a voice call, tap the handset symbol ; to start a video call , tap the camera symbol instead . During the conversation, you can activate or deactivate the microphone and / or the camera by tapping on the respective icons located in the center of the screen; to send a text message, press the speech bubble icon instead , while to share a screenshot in the conversation tap the square icon .

Using the (…) button , located at the bottom right, you can access additional functions: add new users to the call / video call ( Add people ), record the call ( Start recording ) or Share the screen . To end the conversation, tap the handset symbol on a red background .

I would also like to point out that it is possible to start “group” calls, even directly: to be able to do so, reach the Chat section by touching the appropriate button located at the bottom, touch the pencil icon and select the New call item from the proposed menu; to finish, put the check mark next to the names of the contacts to call and touch the Call button , located at the top right.

To start a group video conference instead, tap on the camera symbol located in the Chat or Skype Calls sections , press the Continue button , indicate a name to assign to the video conference and tap on the Skype Contacts option , in order to invite the users of your interest to the video call.

If you prefer, you can also use the Copy link item to copy the meeting link and manually share it with the people of your interest; or the Share item , to send it via the messaging apps on the device; in this regard, it will be useful to know that all those who receive the invitation will be able to participate in the videoconference, even if they do not have a Skype account. To learn more, I refer you to reading my guide on how to make a video conference with Skype .

Call a traditional number

After subscribing to a paid plan , do you want to use Skype to make calls to “traditional” landlines and mobile phones? Nothing simpler. To do this, start the Skype app, go to the calls section and tap the number pad icon . Then, dial the phone number of your interest and tap the handset icon to start the call.

If the numbering is available in the smartphone address book (and you have allowed Skype to access your contacts), go to the Contacts section instead and, after selecting the All item , touch the name of the contact to call; then start the call by pressing the associated number.

Personally, before starting any call, I suggest you tap the Set caller ID item so that people know that you are calling and to indicate, when requested, your phone number: in this way, people calls will be able to view your number.

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