How To Use SharePlay function on your iPhone

Since iOS 15.1 and iPadOS 15.1 update for iPhone and iPad, it is now possible to share our screen or entertainment while on a Facetime call. Apple calls this feature SharePlay and we show you how to use it.

Video calls have been popular since the start of the pandemic for reasons we know.If Zoom has taken a step ahead in this sector, Apple is lagging behind to catch up with FaceTime.It first made it possible to invite Android and Windows devices into Facetime calls with the iOS 15 update.

Now with version 15.1, it adds the SharePlay function.This allows us to share our screen or entertainment during a Facetime call with our friends.We can listen to music together or watch a series and a movie via platforms like Apple TV +.The constraint is that our interlocutor must also subscribe to the same services as us so that we can benefit from them together.

How to use the SharePlay function during a Facetime call

To enjoy the SharePlay function on your iPhone or iPad, you must have update 15.1 or a higher version of iOS or iPadOS.Then, just make a Facetime call with the person of our choice.Then notice on the right completely an icon with a screen and a silhouette. This is what makes it possible to launch the SharePlay function.

At the time of the feature’s launch in late October 2021, only Apple’s services are compatible. We are talking in particular of Apple Music or Apple TV + in addition to the possibility of sharing the content of its screen.For third-party services like Netflix, Disney + and company, they are the ones who will have to develop compatibility with SharePlay.

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