How to use rifles,shotguns in Tacticool Game

Tacticool is a free multiplayer shooter with a large selection of characters, modes, and equipment. Without experience or understanding of how weapons work in the game, it will be very difficult to understand the gameplay intricacies. To learn the basics of Tacticool faster, use this guide.

Primary weapon

All main weapons in the game can be divided into 5 categories. But regardless of the category of weapons, you need to strive to unlock the model with the MK VI prefix, skipping as many previous copies as possible. Only the golden variations of weapons can be more powerful than the MK VI models, but it is better to ignore them, since the slightly increased damage and slowdown of the enemy by 15% are not worth the gold spent to acquire them.

Automatic machines

Assault rifles are a versatile weapon option. They have medium damage, rate of fire and range of fire.

If you have not yet decided on your preferences, then use the slot machines. Playing with them, you will quickly understand what you are missing from the weapon. Also a good choice for fast-firing characters.

Machine guns

Machine guns have huge damage and rate of fire, but slow movement significantly and have poor accuracy. To compensate for these shortcomings, switch to secondary weapons while moving, and also shoot in short bursts at single targets or in long bursts at large clusters of enemies.

They also perform well in point control mode, especially on characters with increased movement speed or increased ammunition.

In general, machine guns are one of the most powerful weapons, but if the enemy gets close enough to you or overtakes you while reloading, then you will most likely die. Keep this in mind when choosing your position on the battlefield.


Weapons in this category have the highest damage and reload times. The disadvantages of shotguns include a small magazine and a small firing range.

Shotguns are perfect for close range gunfights and also go well with all characters. However, it is best to use heroes with increased movement speed. Having quickly run up to the enemy and inflicting just a couple of shots from a shotgun, you will not leave him any chance of survival.


Weapons in this category can do a lot of damage with just one hit. However, due to its low rate of fire and ammunition, it can be effectively used only at long or medium distances.

Well suited for characters with increased ammo or decreased recoil. In all other respects, you should rely on positioning behind cover and your own accuracy. With sufficient experience with a rifle, you can destroy enemies in 3-4 shots.

The main role of the sniper is to cover the allies. Stay behind them and eliminate the toughest or wounded enemies.

Submachine guns

Weapons in this category are lightweight assault rifles. All submachine guns differ from machine guns in reduced damage, accuracy and range, but instead offer an increased rate of fire and ammunition, and also allow you to move faster, allowing them to be used on the front line and behind enemy lines.

If you prefer to stay close to allies or hold positions, then it is better to choose a machine gun or an assault rifle. PP is suitable for those who like to chase retreating or attack enemies from unexpected directions.

Additional weapon

The additional weapon differs from the main one in its situationality. It should only be used as a last resort or if an opportunity presents itself, but otherwise try not to use it.


Pistols are inferior to all types of weapons from the previous category. They should only be used if you run out of ammo on your main weapon and there is no time to reload. You should also pump and buy upgrades for pistols last.

Steel arms

You cannot switch to melee weapons like a pistol or a main weapon. It is used automatically if you press the shot button while close to the enemy. In one hit, you deal a huge amount of damage, but the enemy can also do it. To use this weapon effectively, use a melee attack only to finish off the enemy, or use characters that have resistance to melee damage.


This weapon is fundamentally different from other types of main weapons. Due to its unique mechanics, the prototype requires high game skills, but becomes deadly in the hands of a skilled craftsman. It cannot be upgraded, but mods can still be used.

At the moment there are only two prototypes:

  1. Rifle SMS41 –kills any target with one shot, but takes some time to aim, and also has only one cartridge in the magazine. Before buying, it will be useful to practice with regular sniper rifles. An experienced player with this weapon will be the most dangerous opponent in the match.
  2. MGL39 Grenade Launcher –Kills with one hit, but due to its very low accuracy it can be difficult to hit the enemy. Aiming time affects the distance of the shot and the number of projectiles fired. If you fire all the shells at once, then you will probably kill your target, but in this case you will have to reload for a long time.

Special weapon

Special weapons can be taken from one to two types, depending on the rarity of your character. The number of uses is not limited, but after each use you will have to wait for the weapon to reload. Not all special weapons will suit your character or play style.

  • Impact / Frag Grenade –Deal damage in the area, exploding after a while or instantly when colliding with an enemy. Both grenades work the same way, but frag grenades are better than shock grenades in all respects, so only upgrade it. Suitable for all characters except snipers.
  • Smoke grenade –does no damage, but summons a cloud of smoke that prevents you from aiming. It is best used for a safe retreat after inflicting damage behind enemy lines.
  • Gas grenade – theexplosion will spread a poisonous cloud that only injures the enemy team. Equally useful for attack and retreat.
  • Grenade “Flash” –in a collision, blinds everyone, including allies. Use extremely carefully and only while behind enemy lines. Suitable for machine gunners and fast heroes, since both will be able to finish off the enemy during the duration of the blinding.
  • Mine –it can only be placed on the ground. Upon contact with the enemy, it explodes, instantly killing everyone who was nearby. It is best to place it behind cover in enemy territory. Mobile characters are perfect for this. For all other heroes, mines can be harmful, since when planting a mine during an open confrontation, at best, you will die along with one enemy.
  • Mina Leymore isa type of ordinary mine, but it can be installed on vertical surfaces, and also has a directional explosion, which allows it to be used by all classes as a type of grenade. Keep in mind that a normal mine does more damage, which means that in some cases the Leymore mine may not kill the enemy instantly.
  • C4 is anexplosive that can be placed on anything. It explodes only when activated by the player, or some time after his death. Useful for setting traps in enemy territory or for defenders in Control mode.
  • Tactical Shield –Provides frontal bullet protection. Used in conjunction with secondary weapons. The most useless special weapon, so to kill you in shield mode it will be enough just to run around you or use a grenade.
  • RPG –fires a rocket in the direction of the sight. On hit, kills all targets within the blast radius. It shows itself best in battles on the front lines. Especially useful for Operative David, as he has an additional charge of this weapon.
  • Adrenaline –increases movement speed and also gives immunity to gas. If you do not plan to move often, then it is better to take something else.
  • Taser –slows down enemies on hit and stuns those using adrenaline. A good way to deal with fast operatives, but it is still better to use grenades or mines.
  • CAD – aturret that destroys drones and missiles of enemies around it. This is a very situational choice, as players with drones or RPGs are rarely encountered in the game.
  • Landau-Radiator is aspecial weapon that repels physical objects. If such objects hit the enemy, then he will die. Well suited to the machine gunner. Having driven opponents into cover with the help of machine-gun fire, use the emitter, thereby instantly finishing off opponents.

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