How to use OneDrive with Microsoft Excel

OneDrive is more than just a cloud storage service offered by the multinational giant Microsoft. OneDrive is a powerful technology tool that enables multiple functions online in real time. Here we show you one of those features: How to use OneDrive with Microsoft Excel online

Despite its relative late entry into the cloud universe. The Redmond giant has managed to match forces with the rest of the companies that offer warehousing services and technological support in this competitive field.

This is largely due to the features and versatility offered by OneDrive, which quickly went from being just another storage space for files and information in the cloud, to becoming a powerful online tool.

Microsoft offers with OneDrive a multiplicity of advanced services and applications , which can be shared online without the need to be tied to a specific computer or electronic device.

As well as the OneDrive cloud there are also other platforms that allow you to save your files, these are Dropbox and Google Drive, thanks to them it is also possible to save and share your Excel files.

Windows Live Folders to OneDrive

For approximately ten years, from the version of Windows 8.1 OneDrive became operational . At first it was called Windows Live Folders . In this note you will learn how to use OneDrive with Microsoft Excel online.

Currently, Microsoft offers this tool even on Xbox consoles, as well as for Android mobile devices , and even for some versions of the iOs operating system.

The service provided by OneDrive is free, but only up to a certain capacity limit. When it exceeds the stipulated limit, Microsoft charges a monthly fee according to the customer’s needs. This paid service is also available to the business world.

How to enable OneDrive?

To activate OneDrive you can do it from an email account in Outlook or Hotmail . You log in to Windows, you go to your personal account or the one you have available for this type of work.

You enter the access code, and when you enter the email you will see a box with several points in the upper left part of the screen. You click on the box and a menu with several options will be displayed, open in OneDrive. In this note, you will learn how to use OneDrive with Microsoft Excel online, step by step.

Office Online is a free service from Microsoft that works with your work programs such as Word, PowerPoint or Excel online, without having to install them on your hard drive, you just need an Onedrive, or Facebook Messenger account and a good internet.

When you access OneDrive, you must follow the steps indicated by the application and that allows it to be linked to the email account . Another way to get to OneDrive is to search for it through your internet browser. You put the name of the application and it will take you to the email account, from then on you already know the steps to follow.

How to use OneDrive with Microsoft Excel online?

One of the many advantages that OneDrive offers is from this application you can access, work, edit and share your files in information that you have stored in the office office tool.

This means that, from anywhere in the world, without having to be tied to a particular desk. You can work your Word, PowerPoint and Excel files . Likewise, you can share your files with other users in real time, when it is necessary to work as a team, without the need for people to be in the same place.

To do this, what you must do is provide access through the browser to the person with whom you are sharing the files. The other person doesn’t even need to have the Excel tool installed , so they can edit or change the information.

This application in OneDrive even allows you to create an unpublished workbook online, even if you don’t have Excel installed. Today here we show you how it works and how to use OneDrive with Microsoft Excel online.

What OneDrive provides with respect to Excel is the possibility of having a tool in the cloud that allows you to create and store  spreadsheets  and  workbooks , without having to load said application on the device. However, it should be noted that not all physical Excel features are compatible with the cloud.


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