How to use my cell phone as a security camera

Security today is one of the most important things, both physically and on the web. That is why the people in charge of creating technology are always looking for better ways of protection. One of these, very curious and useful, is to use my cell phone as a security camera.

Even having access to a camera phone allows you to even turn your Android cell phone into a night vision camera , if that weren’t enough.

As you have read, there are applications, created by those who are obviously geniuses, to be able to recycle your old phone and turn it into a security camera, which can go anywhere, and be placed without being noticed by anyone.

Recycling is living

Recycling things or objects is a very useful practice, as it not only prevents excessive contamination, but also gives a new use to things that may have had sentimental value.

A useful type of recycling is that of the Smartphone and is that now, in this new world, there are ways that your phone, when changing it, does not remain as a paperweight in the house, but rather as a security camera that adds protection to the home.

First of all, you need an APP to achieve the task, and there is not one, there are many with this function of using my cell phone as a security camera as much as there is evidence of applications that create the portrait mode effect with Android camera .

The APP chosen to set an example is perhaps one of the best, its name is Manything , and it has a version available for both Android and iOS (most of these applications always have their two versions).


Use my cell phone as a security camera with Manything in 10 minutes

Manything is a great application and offers what most of the applications of this type, streaming both local and in the cloud, recording and video storage (with two modes, local and remote), motion detection, among others.

Therefore, in that sense, it can also represent an alternative to connecting a sports camera to a PC to stream at any time.

This is how complete this application is, that it allows you to keep an eye on your home from your phone no matter where you are. It’s free to download and comes with a free plan that gives you a camera, and free recordings, too.

In order to install it correctly (in this case the iOS version), the first thing to do is download the application both on the oldest phone, which will be the camera, and on the new one.

Then go to the old device and open “ Settings ”, disable “ Auto Lock” . Then you must ” Register ” in Manithing with your email or Facebook.

In the application you will have the option to choose which device will do what. Select “Camera Mode” with the old phone and ” Viewer Mode”   with the newer device of your personal use.

Press a red button that will appear on the old device or camera, and from the new one a “Streaming List” will appear. You can also watch the broadcast from your computer on the page.

So it must seem that using my cell phone as a security camera is very easy, and your intuition is very good, it is really simple and it works perfectly.


Some applications to have more options

There are many applications competing in this market, but the best ones stand out above all for the quality of their streaming and their extra functions, there are some such as:


One of the best on the market for Windows Phones, optimal streaming quality and compatible with Windows 10. Its only detail is you need to have a RAM of 512mb or more to use it.


For both Android and iOS, complete is the best word to describe it, you can edit the recording time and set when you want it to end automatically, and it also comes with motion detection.


Easy to use and understand, for anyone, you can configure the broadcast quality as well as the broadcast quality. You can also visit your records of previous recordings for at least 14 days. Using my cell phone as a security camera is a reality, which when used well will give us the protection that is needed. Beware thieves of the world, your nemesis is here.


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