How to use Instagram multicapture?

Instagram is a social network widely used today, you can enter it through the app or the official page , with this you can upload posts and stories to show your friends and followers your day to day. It has many useful tools to take the best photographs, one of these is multicapture, in this article we will give you the information you will need to use this wonderful option.

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  1. In what situations to use Instagram multicapture?
    1. When you want to take the photos at the moment
  2. How to use multicapture on Instagram?
    1. From the multicapture icon
    2. If you already have the photos in the gallery
    3. If you want to put it all in one photo
  3. Why does the multicapture of this App not work correctly?

In what situations to use Instagram multicapture?

Instagram adds more updates every day and therefore more and more users are joining this social network, thus making it one of the most downloaded apps. Today the social network Instagram is also used as a photo editor, since it brings with it a great variety of tools to make our publications a total success, one of these tools for our stories is multicapture, this is a practical way and quick to upload multiple photos to your stories at once.

When you want to take the photos at the moment

Offering you the ability to take a total of eight photographs in sequence, this allows you to capture at the moment, almost any event that we want to show our followers , with the multicapture you can save unique moments to upload them later, such as ephemeral moments with your pet, or a beautiful sunset. Instagram is designed for this, to be able to show things from your life captured in a photograph.

How to use multicapture on Instagram?

The first thing you need to use it is to log into your Instagram account , this tool can be found in the Instagram camera , on the left of the screen along with the other tools for your stories, you can obtain this result in the following ways:

From the multicapture icon

This is the most obvious, you just have to click on the multicapture option of your Instagram camera, from there you will only have to choose between the filters you want in your photos , with a maximum of 8 photos at a time, when you finish you just have to click on ‘next’, and there select the photos you want to stay, when you finish choosing, go back to next and share the story for all your followers to see.

If you already have the photos in the gallery

In case you do not want to use the Instagram camera, or if the photos you wanted to upload are already in the gallery, you just have to enter it from your Instagram and click on select several photos, which is located at the top right of the screen, with this you can upload a maximum of 10 photos at a time.

If you want to put it all in one photo

In case you want to upload multiple photos within one, as well as a collage in your story, the only option would be to use Layot , an Instagram camera tool to take multiple photos in one, with the ability to upload a story to the story. collage of up to 6 photos.

Why does the multicapture of this App not work correctly?

The functions of Instagram are very practical , if you have them already loaded, it is not necessary to connect to an internet network. On the other hand, if it doesn’t work for you, it may be due to the following reasons:

  • You do not have enough internal storage: Your phone has a storage with it where it stores data, applications, among others. If you do not have enough of this storage, the applications may stop working, this is the case of Instagram, without this memory the functions may no longer be active correctly, try to clean your storage in the following way:
    • Delete photos that you no longer need.
    • Delete unnecessary apps.
    • Don’t have excess music.
    • Clear the cache of your applications.
    • Delete the messages you no longer need.
  • Instagram is out of date: Instagram launches new functions every day, if your device has a very old version of the application, it will start to cause problems, you must update it so that its operation is the same again, you can update it as follows:
    1. Enter the Play Store.
    2. Go to your profile icon.
    3. Go to the applications section.
    4. Now head over to updates.
    5. Here you will have all the apps that your phone has, you can update all of them.
    6. If you don’t want to update them all, go to the search engine and put Instagram.
    7. Click on the application icon to update it.
  • Your phone has a fault: You can go to a technician if this fault continues to appear, since it may be due to a malfunction of your device.
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