How to use iMessage on Android easily

Using iMessage on Android is a reality that you can enjoy today. Gone are the limitations to have this Apple messaging manager on devices with some version of the Android operating system .

What do I need to use iMessage on Android?

Before launching yourself to use iMessage on Android, you should know that there are some external elements that you will need. This is mandatory to be successful in your company to take advantage of this messaging.

But do not worry, just as it is possible to convert WhatsApp on Android in the style of iPhone or also download and install the iPhone camera on Android , you can also meet the objective of this tutorial.

First of all, you will have to install a special application called “AirMessage” on your Android device (above 6.0) She is the one that allows you to really use the iMessage, but do not worry, it is totally legal and, in fact, you can find it on Google Play .

In addition to this, you will also have to own a Mac (higher than OS X 10.10). Through this, the route that will allow you to send and receive messages with iMessage will be created, in this you must also have this program installed.

Steps to use iMessage on Android

Installation is really something simple to achieve, with the particularity that you must carefully follow the procedure that the application developer has outlined for its operation.

Install the server

The first thing you have to do to use iMessage on Android is to install the “AirMessage” application server on the Mac computer you will use.

After downloading the file and doing the relevant installation. Then, you must proceed to run the program on your PC, since you have to determine a password with which you will protect the messages that it handles.

However, if you have MacOS Mojave 10.14, or a version higher than this, you will have to necessarily grant the application permissions. This way, it will be easier for you to read and handle the messages.

Set it up as a router

Now you have to adjust the forwarding of the router ports. This is done by accessing the browser and placing the address of your router in the search bar. Then, you must enter with your username and password.

In the “Port forwarding” option , proceed to create a new route with the following specific parameters: “IP PC Mac”. The port for the service that will be “1359” (automatically) and you must enter the initials “TCP” .

As important information, the IP should not be changed, otherwise, the server will not work and, in order to install it again, you will have to recreate the server and fill in the corresponding data.

Download AirMessage on Android

After finishing the server setup on the Mac computer, you can continue the procedure by installing the “AirMessage” application on the device where you want to use iMessage on Android.

As you have already read, this is available on Google Play, so you just have to open the store, using the search bar, type “AirMessage”. The first result will be correct, although if you have doubts, you should know that the developer is “Tagavari”.

Another way to recognize it is by its icon, which is an upward pointing arrow on a blue background. And, one of its most outstanding features is that it is free to purchase, so you just have to press “Install”.

Can’t use iMessage on Android without all these apps?

Unfortunately the iMessage is not available for Android as a direct application , since being developed by Apple, it remains practically exclusive for this operating system.

For this reason, the only method so far to be able to enjoy the benefits and particularities of this application on Android devices is through the aforementioned AirMessage program and its specially created server.

In fact, it is so reliable that it maintains all the flashy and acclaimed features that, until recently, only users of Apple devices could use.


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