How To Use Google Travel

Say goodbye to travel agents and enjoy the best adventure advised by this fantastic Google service.Today, the number of online services that help people book travel has increased dramatically, and Google has also wanted to enter this world. That is why, in an attempt to make life easier for users and for them to manage and book their adventures more efficiently, he created Google Travel.

For some reason, this service is underrated, but the truth is that it has a lot to offer. So to help you understand and clarify all your doubts about this app, in this article we will tell you what Google Travel is and what it is for. You can not lose this!

What is Google Travel?

Google Travel is an application that allows you to book trips and manage itineraries in a simple, but very functional way. The company introduced the service in 2016, and you may have heard of it before when it was known as Google Trips.

Unlike other apps from the Big G giant, you cannot download Google Travel as a separate mobile application for your smartphone. Instead, you must use it from your favorite web browser; either from your mobile, computer or tablet. Google Travel is a free service, but you will need a Google account to use it. And if you don’t have yours yet, here we show you the steps to create it.

What can you do with Google Travel?/How To Use Google Travel

Now that we are clear about what Google Travel is, and what you need to register for the service, it is time to discover what you can do with it. You should know that the application has very useful functions that will make your trips to new destinations easier. Among the main ones we can find the following:

  • Find flights: Whether you’re looking for your destination or you know where you want to go, finding flights is easier with Google Travel. In a simple search you can modify the dates on which you want to travel, as well as establish how long you want your adventure to last. You can also customize your search using various parameters such as airports, schedules, airlines, among others.
  • Add itineraries: Once you are completely ready to plan your trip, you can use Google Travel to create the final itinerary. When starting a new adventure on the platform, you can add almost everything, from your flights to the places where you want to eat. And if you make reservations through the service, your confirmations will be added to your itinerary.
  • Book hotels: we all know that you can’t plan a trip to a destination and not have a place to stay, but fortunately you can book hotels through the Google Travel interface. When searching for hotels, you can filter your search according to the price and the number of people who will participate in the trip, the classification of the hotel, babysitting services, WiFi, among others.
  • Keep track of prices: There are countless websites to compare prices, although it is also difficult to know if the ones you see are too high for that time of year or not. Google Travel helps you get better value for money thanks to its built-in tools to find rates, dates, and you can even track prices and receive updates in your email every time they go up or down.
  • Set search parameters: Google Travel allows you to change various options to ensure that your search results better suit your demands. With the Interests function, for example, you can choose destinations according to the type of trip you want. You will also have the option to choose how you want to travel, either by car or plane, to further customize your adventure.

If you don’t want to use a travel agent, Google Travel offers you an excellent option so that you can pay and plan your trip without having to visit multiple websites. And if you are one of those who love to know new places, we invite you to discover how technology allows you to travel from anywhere in the world.

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