How to use Google Photos to find Instagram images?

Google is a globally recognized web search engine. It has many extra functionalities that improve the operation of mobile phones with Android system. One of the extra functions of Google are Google Meet, Google Drive and Google Photos.

Google Photos is a mobile application that shows you in an orderly way each of the photos you have on your device. From this application you can secure your photos by uploading them to Google Drive. This app is also used to search for images on Instagram. Soon we will show how to search for images from Google Photos on Instagram and some other things related to the subject.

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  1. How does Google Photos work to locate similar images?
  2. How to place an Instagram image within Google Photos?
  3. What is the way to find out who uploaded that photo to Instagram?
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  4. How to find a person’s social networks?

How does Google Photos work to locate similar images?

The images you have in Google Photos can be searched elsewhere on the internet thanks to the advanced technology of the Google search engine . From Google Photos you choose the photo you want to search on the internet and then all the work will be done by the Google search engine.

With Google Photos you can not only locate images with certain similarities on the internet, but you can also recover those photos that you have deleted by accident . Now that you know how to search for image similarities in Google Photos, we will now show you how to perform this search.

How to place an Instagram image within Google Photos?

In order to place an Instagram image on Google photos, it is important that you follow a certain process. When the image is in the mobile storage, everything is easier:

  1. Enter the Google Photos application
  2. Go to the library section
  3. There it will show all the folders of the device in which there are multimedia files
  4. You look for the folder in which the Instagram file is and everything would be ready

If the image is not in your cell phone’s storage , you will have to download it from Instagram. To do this, follow the next process:

  1. Enter your cell phone’s default browser
  2. Look for an application called ‘Snaptube’ or go to the official page to download it
  3. When its installation is finished, enter the Instagram application of your mobile
  4. Find the publication in which the image you want to download is located and copy the link of that publication
  5. You will paste that link into the Snaptube search engine
  6. Then, locate the image from Snaptube and press the yellow down arrow icon to download that same image
  7. Finally, look for that image in Google Photos from the ‘Library’ section in the ‘Images Snaptube’ folder

What is the way to find out who uploaded that photo to Instagram?

Once you have the Instagram image in the Google Photos application, you only need to do the search to see the similarities with that image and who has uploaded it as well. The application to use for this process is a so-called ‘TinEye’ tool.


TinEye is a website that a lot of people use to locate photos that they have in their gallery. To find an image from your gallery on Instagram you must:

  1. Enter the TinEye page
  2. Click where it says ‘Add image’
  3. Choose where you want to look for the image (In your case, place the Instagram website)
  4. Finally, click on where it says ‘Search’

When the search is done, you will be able to see if that image was uploaded on Instagram or if there are certain similarities to it. In case there are certain similarities, that will show up in the final search result. Sometimes the web may get stuck, if this happens you just have to reload the page and do the search again.

In case you see certain similarities, you can start following that person on Instagram or even contact them in this way.

How to find a person’s social networks?

The easiest way to find a person’s social media is by using the TinEye platform. Before we have explained how to search for an image within the Instagram platform. To locate all the social networks of a person you just have to put a photo of him on the TinEye website and see all the results.

In the results that the TinEye produces, you will be able to access the exact location of that photo . You will only have to access the location of all those photos and see the username of that person in each of the different social networks. By the way, it is important that you know that there is a way to share all your photos from Google Photos with someone else .

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