How to use Google Keep OCR to extract text from an image

In our daily life we ​​can find a vast amount of information around us, this information is in different formats such as videos, audios and images . The latter can in fact be of many kinds, for example there are commercial, informative or entertainment images.

Perhaps it has happened to you that suddenly you go down the street and you come across an image with text and you would like to extract it. You may not know how to do it as many people think that it is impossible to extract text from an image.

Nothing could be further from reality, because there are Apps that allow you to do it and in this article we will show you one of them. We will talk about Google Keep and one of its options that allows you to extract texts.

What is Google Keep?

This tool is quite useful, it allows you to make small notes as if they were post-its. It’s like those little notes you leave on your refrigerator or in a book to remind you of an important idea. Google Keep brings us these types of notes but in electronic format. You can even create notes with Google Keep using just your voice.

It is a completely free App and you can anchor it in your Chrome browser or simply download the App and access it whenever you want. It is also super simple to use, you simply have to access the application and start writing in the box that will appear on the screen.

Not only can you write a simple note, as you write you will get a series of options about the text in question. You can add a title and even put the color you like the most, add a reminder and even add a photo or image.

Something that is important to note about this App is that in its browser version, it does not need an Internet connection to be used. You can make the notes you want at the time you want thanks to the fact that this application will save all the changes automatically. And when you’re back online, the changes you’ve made to your notes will be synced to your Google account.

In addition, Google Keep has an excellent tool that will allow you to extract texts from images. You can use those phrases that you like so much in the images or review them whenever you want.

But how can I use this tool? What is it about? How is it working? If you are one of those people who like to keep these types of notes, surely you are asking yourself these questions.

How to use the OCR tool to extract texts?

This option that Google Keep has integrated in its version for mobile devices is very useful, since you can extract any text from any image. The procedure is very simple, just make sure you have the Google Keep App installed on your device. Taking all this into account, let’s see the steps to follow to enjoy this useful tool.

Step 1

The first thing will be to go to the Google Keep application, after you are inside, press where it says Create a new note in the form of an image. This is done by clicking on the camera that you will find in the lower right corner of the App’s initial interface. The next thing will be to click on ” Take photo” and that way you will be able to capture the image with the text you need to extract.

Step 3

Once the image has been saved on the Work Desk, click on it to see it in full size and see all the options.

Step 4

Once there, you must go to the upper right where the three points are and click there. Among the options that will appear, you must press where it says: “Saved image text” and that’s it. You just have to wait for the extraction process to complete and the text of the image will be saved in a note in your account.

Surely this tool will be very useful to extract any text from all the images that you come across. We hope you have no problems as you go through the steps in this procedure. You can also add subtasks in the Google Keep application in a very easy way.

Don’t worry, in this article we will show you what it is about and with a few simple steps how to use it effectively. Stay and read this little guide and you will see that it will be worth having spent a few minutes analyzing it. If you want to learn more tricks about this fabulous tool, we invite you to read the following link that explains how to create and save audio or text notes using Google Keep.


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