How to use Filezilla as an FTP?

Currently, there are many free online clients of the FTP system . Without major complications, users can download them from the Internet and install them on their computers to subsequently apply a configuration that allows them to create direct access to an FTP server.

It should be noted that although not everyone knows this, in order to successfully connect to an FTP site, users must use a previously configured FTP client .

Usually the most popular FTP clients in the global market are SmartFTP and FileZilla . Both are programs that can be downloaded and configured for file upload and download. All this from the convenience and speed of communication between a computer and the FTP server.

Requirements for using FileZilla as an FTP

  • Internet connection
  • Computer with system operating Windows in 32-bit.

Step 1: Go to the official FileZilla website

The first thing you will need to do to use FilleZilla is, logically, download FileZilla. For this you need to open the browser and visit the official website of the application. If you have trouble finding it, you can use the help of internet search engines.

Step 2: Download the FilleZilla application

Once you are on the official FileZilla website , you need to download the client. Find the option that allows it. When you get the available files you need to select “.

Then you need to wait for the download to complete. The duration will vary according to the speed of your Internet connection , ranging from a few seconds to a few minutes.

Step 3: Install FilleZilla

Once you have downloaded the program as explained in the previous step, you will be ready to install the program. To do this you need to click on the downloaded file, for example “win32-setup.exe”. A window will open in which you need to select the “Run” option.

Wait a few seconds for the installer to run , then a new window will open giving you installation instructions. You will need to follow all the indicated steps to successfully install the application on your computer.

Step 4: Open FileZilla

Once the program is installed, you need to open it. Wait a few seconds and when it is already open you will need to click on the “file” + “Site Manager” tab . A window will open that says “Site Administrator”.

Step 5: Create the new FTP site

In the previously opened window you need to click on ” New site “. You will need to give it a new name, which will be completely at the discretion of your tastes. Once this is done you will need to focus on the right panel of the program and place all the required information.

These are user name and password, host name, server type… In the case of the access type, the ” Normal ” option must be selected .

Step 6: Connect your FTP client

After doing what was said, click “File” + “Site Manager” again. There you will need to select the FTP server you just created and then click on the “Connect” option.

With this you will have free access to the files from the remote FTP through the right side of the program and you will be able to see all the files on your computer on the left side of FileZilla.

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