How to use emojis in Windows 10 file and folder names

The Windows 10 file explorer is one of the tools most used every day by system users, as it allows you to browse all the folders and files stored on your computer. In addition, from the file explorer we can create new files and folders, delete them or even rename them. Next, we are going to show how to use emojis in Windows 10 file and folder names.

It is possible that you have ever tried to add a symbol in the name of a file or folder and Windows has not allowed it, since there are certain characters that the Microsoft operating system does not support. However, although many users are still unaware of it, it is possible to add emojis in Windows 10 file and folder names.

Simple trick to use emojis in Windows 10 file and folder names

In this way, we can customize our files and folders in a somewhat peculiar way, since we can have files or folders with a name made up of some of the most popular emojis. To do this, the first thing we have to do is open the Windows 10 file explorer and navigate to the folder or file that we want to rename. Once located, we click with the right mouse button on it to select the Rename option , or we select it and press the F2 key .

This will make the file or folder name editable, at which point we have to press the Win + » key combination .» . This will show us a pop-up window with all the Windows 10 emojis. As we write the file name, the emojis that match what we are writing will be filtered, although we can also select the emojis that we want to add to the name of the file or folder manually by clicking on each of them.

At the bottom of the window we will find the options to go to the recently used emojis, emoticons and animals, contacts, celebrations and objects, food and plants, transport and places or symbols . In this way, we can add as many emojis as we want to the name of a file or folder on the computer, as long as we do not exceed the maximum length allowed. Once we have added the emojis we want, just close the window and click anywhere in the browser window or press Enter so that the name is saved.

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