How to use chrome remote desktop

We are going to explain how to use Chrome’s remote desktop. This tool is created by Google to remotely control your computer When you install and configure it, you will be able to connect to your computer remotely from wherever you are, both from another computer and from a mobile phone

Either because you have forgotten your computer at home, because you want someone to help you from afar, or because you are going to teleworking and want to connect to the one in the office, this method can be a simple solution. We will first explain what it is exactly, and then we will tell you how to configure it.

How to enable the Microsoft Remote Desktop Protocol/How to use chrome remote desktop

To be able to use the remote desktop protocol, it is necessary to activate it if it is not, or to verify that it is active. To do this, we only have to do the following, we will enter the control panel of our PC.

And the next step is to select the option “System” now a new window will be displayed on the screen and in it we must select the option ” Remote access settings “.

This action will allow the system properties box to be displayed with several tabs and in our case we will select the ” Remote Access ” tab . Now we must see if the option “Allow remote connections to this computer” is selected, if not, we must select it and that the authentication option with respect to the network is also active.

Set up Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer

Set up Chrome Remote Desktop on your computer

The first thing you have to do is install and open Chrome on your computer. Once in it, write the URL in the address bar and hit enter. This will take you to the page to configure the system.


You will enter the Chrome remote desktop page, where you can configure the service. Everything will be done in an extremely simple way. To begin, click on the blue down arrow icon in the Configure remote access section , which will start the process of downloading everything you need.

How to use chrome remote desktop

When you press the button, you will see that a new Chrome page opens that takes you to the Chrome Remote Desktop extension . Within that page, click on the Add to Chrome button to install the extension in the browser. A window will appear in which it is specified that the extension will have to access almost everything on the computer, and you will have to accept the conditions to proceed.

When you return to the main Chrome window where you are performing the process, you will see that the browser has also downloaded an executable file . Do not be scared, because it is a necessary file for everything to work. In fact, Chrome has already detected it, and you will have to click on the Accept and install button on the page so that it will automatically install the file without you having to do anything else.

Once installed, the process will start to configure your computer and make it ready for remote access. The first step is to choose a name for your computer and click Next . The name is the one that will appear when you later search from another device.

In the next step, you will have to set a 6 character PIN code as a security measure. To do this, type it twice and continue the process. This is the PIN code that you will then be asked to establish the connection between a remote device and yours.

After leaving everything configured, Chrome will make your computer start connecting to the remote access system. After a few seconds, the word Online will appear under the name you have given your computer , and it will be the signal that it is ready for you to connect to it.

Access your computer from another device

Now, to access your computer from another one you have at home, you just have to open Chrome with the same user session and go to . When you do, Chrome will detect the other computer you have set up. Here, click on the name of the computer you want to access .

Chrome will ask you for the security PIN that you have also configured in the previous process, and when you type it, you will be able to control one computer from another . Everything you do on the screen of that one you have accessed from will be done on the computer where you configured everything in the first place, it will be a total remote control.

You can also control the computer from another mobile . To do this, you will have to download the Chrome Remote Desktop app that you have available for both Android and iOS . When you open the application you will have to log in with your Google account, and once you do, click on the name of the computer you want to control.

The process will ask you for the PIN code that you have established on that computer, and when you enter it you will start to control your PC from the mobile device . It’s a bit awkward if you don’t have a keyboard and mouse, but you can do some basic things and give it a show keyboard option.

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