How to use Checkra1n in iOS 13.3 and run Cydia and Tweaks & Troubleshooting?

Checkra1n is a great program that allows you to create a jailbreak or release an Apple mobile, this allows you to expand the range of applications that you can download to your phone and also improves its capabilities. With that in mind today you will learn how to use Checkra1n on iOS 13.3 and run Cydia and Tweaks & Troubleshooting .

And, thanks to this program you can customize the phone almost completely, because we all know that although Apple is great, sometimes it places many limitations and obstacles when other people outside the company want to create content.

Use Checkra1n on iOS 13.3 and run Cydia and Tweaks & Troubleshooting

As you read before, checkra1n is a program that allows its user to unlock the mobile. This process is delicate and care must be taken when doing it so as not to damage the device’s software.

The first thing you have to do to start this process that will allow you to answer the question How to use Checkra1n in iOS 13.3 and run Cydia and Tweaks & Troubleshooting? , is to download said program.

Once you have it on your MAC, you have to open it and then connect your mobile (the version does not matter but there are exceptions).

Then, you have to put your device in DFU, to go to Recovery mode and start the jailbreak. For this you must follow the instructions that the same program gives you (if you know how to do it, you can skip the steps).


The program will immediately analyze that the phone is in Recovery and will now show you the instructions that you must follow on your computer to install the jailbreak.

Cydia and the tweaks

When the previous process has finished and your iPhone is finally released, now you will have to install Cydia to be able to have your tweaks.

In case you don’t know what the iPhone Cydia application is , you have to keep in mind that it is basically an app that contains Tweaks repositories, which are applications that add new functions to the device and improve existing ones.

To get Cydia you have to press the Checkra1m icon that will appear on the mobile home screen, when you are already inside, touch the program which will be on the home screen.

When doing so, a window will appear where you must choose the option “Install Cydia” and that’s it. With the repository program already installed, now you must go to its icon that will appear on the home screen.

Inside there you will see that you have several options. Press the one with the magnifying glass icon, which will allow you to search your Tweaks by name.

When you find the one you want to hit the ” Install ” button , this will make your Tweak stay on the phone and you can test it depending on what it is.


With what you have been able to read so far, almost all the doubts of the question have been cleared up : How to use Checkra1n in iOS 13.3 and run Cydia and Tweaks & Troubleshooting? Now to finish the explanation you will know that it is a Troubleshooting.


Basically this is a way of telling the solution to any problem that occurs in a program. In the case of jailbreaks, there may be different ways to solve the errors that may arise.

But the best thing you can do if a Tweak gives you problems is to uninstall it. Since most likely it is not compatible with the version of the IOS you have (that is why it is recommended to update the iPhone or iPad to the latest version of IOS systems , if you get many errors in the previous ones).

Thanks to the fact that Checkra1m is very complete, when an App gives an error it detects it immediately, and makes a window pop up where you must give the option “ OK ” to disappear the Tweak.

However, you can also hit ” Restart ” to see if the Tweak is accepted a second time. If not, unfortunately you will not be able to use it.

And voila, the question How to use Checkra1n in iOS 13.3 and run Cydia and Tweaks & Troubleshooting ?, was finally answered. So head to your phone and let the fun begin.

Remember that if you want to return the iPhone to normal, you can always remove or uninstall Cydia without restoring my iPhone , which will make all the tweaks and troubleshooting disappear.


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