How to use chat flag on Instagram

This is one of the tools that the Instagram app offers us , the chat flag serves the function of highlighting or highlighting a chat from the rest. This can be very useful, you just have to enter the direct or conversation that you want to prioritize, you will see a flag icon at the top of the chat. When you press this it will already be highlighted, when you exit it, you will see the chat in yellow. Here we will tell you more details about this function.

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  1. How to get the flag symbol in the latest Instagram update?
  2. What is the true function of the banner that appears on Instagram?
    1. Highlight the best messages
    2. Highlight Posts
  3. What should be done to make Instagram highlights private?
  4. Where can Instagram featured posts be found?
  5. How to sort featured posts on Instagram?

How to get the flag symbol in the latest Instagram update?

To have this Instagram function, you only need to update this app to its latest available version , once you do, you can use the flag for your chats. It should be noted that the app developers are constantly working on making new updates. They are periodically adding new functions and correcting errors or bugs that the previous version that it is replacing may have.

Also when updating your app you should find that you must be careful that this version is compatible with your operating system, if it is not you can always go back to its previous version . In the case of the flag function, it will be available from version 5 for Android, and for iPhone cell phones from version 4 onwards.

What is the true function of the banner that appears on Instagram?

This tool can be of great help if you are someone who uses Instagram very constantly to chat or send DM to your friends, since if you have a good number of chats, you can use it to quickly organize and identify the ones that have the highest priority for you. Something important to note about this function is that it is designed to make your experience in the app easier, so make the most of it.

If you have been an Instagram user since its inception, you will notice that the function of this flag is the same as that of the stars , it could be said that these flags are its successors. In other words, they only changed the icon, but its function remains the same, in addition to other new functions that you will see below:

Highlight the best messages

In Instagram direct messages you can use this function to highlight a message from the rest, to achieve this you just have to press the flag . Of course, this is not going to put it in the first place in the chat, but it will highlight it in yellow, even to find a prominent message you will have to go through the chat until you find it, an easy task thanks to its striking color .

Something similar to the function of setting direct Instagram comments , except that, in this case, the comment is going to be marked first, with this every time you receive a new message, it will always appear below the one you have set, When pinning a message, it will be displayed with a pin icon.

Highlight Posts

You can also use the flag function to highlight the publication you want , these will also be highlighted like the messages, but it will not fix them, this tool can be very useful to quickly find a publication from among the others.

What should be done to make Instagram highlights private?

In the case of direct messages, these are already private. And in the case of a publication that stands out, you can add it to your private collection easily , you just have to click on the flag to highlight it and then save it in the list of your collection. In case you try to save a collection and you have not created a collection before, the app will ask you to enter a name for your new collection and thus be able to save it.

Where can Instagram featured posts be found?

When you highlight a message, it will be highlighted with a yellow stripe within the chat itself. In the case of the publications that have been highlighted, you must go to your profile, click on the three-line icon and then select the option “Saved”, here you will find all the publications that you have highlighted.

Another thing that you must remember is that, to enjoy this function without any inconvenience, you must update the application every time a new version is released, whatever the operating system of your cell phone, this because the updates are to add those features and troubleshoot these within the application .

How to sort featured posts on Instagram?

This you can do it according to the date when the message you highlighted was created, you can also organize them by moving them in the order you want something like your list excel stories of Instagram.

To be able to organize them at your convenience, you only have to edit or forward the messages that you highlighted, so it will come to be in the first place, in this way you can create a list of the messages that you are highlighting in that chat.

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