How to use ApowerMirror

Are you one of the people who usually work with your Android mobile phone ? Most likely, you’ve already reached a point where your phone’s screen isn’t big enough.

Although you may have a computer, the comfort or ease of working on certain tasks that you have with a mobile device is more advantageous. However, there is the limitation of the size of the screen.

That is why throughout all these years, applications have emerged that can connect with our computer to the point of having a pc and controlling it remotely . Of course, to achieve this it is required that both devices or computers have the same application and are in complete synchronization.

For this reason, we are going to explain everything you need to know to be able to use ApowerMirror as a tool to control your Android or iPhone mobile device from a laptop or pc.


  • What does the ApowerMirror tool allow?
  • How to be to use ApowerMirror?

What does the ApowerMirror tool allow?

This is an application that is currently available for both the Android and IOS platforms. As such, the program allows you to control your mobile device through a computer or laptop . It is worth mentioning that such control is done in real time.

Of course, you must have a good internet connection, as this will allow you to avoid desynchronization between the mobile and the computer , as well as avoid lag when receiving notifications or generating sounds.

How to be to use ApowerMirror?

On IOS devices

The main thing is that you download the application for your computer , it is important that at the time of downloading you do it for the operating system you have installed. It is important to mention that just as these applications exist, there are other applications that allow you to control a Smart TV with your mobile phone . Once you have installed it, you will go on to run it and follow the following steps:

  1. Connect your mobile to iPhone and the computer you are going to use to the same wi-fi network
  2. The ApowerMirro rapplication must also be installed on your iPad or iPhone
  3. Then press the duplication button, you will have to wait for the application to detect the computer you are going to use, once it detects it, touch the name of that computer.
  4. Go to the application of your mobile device and look for the control center,in case your mobile has an IOS 11 operating system, it will only be enough with which versions the duplicate screen option. Then, you will have to choose the name “APowershoft”.

With this basically you will have already connected the computer with your mobile and you will be able to manage your device from the computer. It is important to mention that, to implement this connection, the computer or laptop must have a functional network card. Since without it, only the phone will be connected to the wi-fi network.

On Android devices via USB

Just as you can make a connection between your mobile and your computer through a wi-fi network, you can also do it through a USB connection. For this you have to:

  1. Go to the developer option and select or activate USB debugging
  2. Proceed to connect the device to the pc using the USB cable. In case Windows asks you for permission to debug, you are only going to allow this permission on the computer you are using, then click on accept and wait for the application to be installed on your mobile.
  3. Then go to the applicationonce it has been installed on your phone and launch it. This should cause your phone’s screen to show up on the PC.

An interesting fact that will be useful and at the same time fun is that applications like this one that can allow you to turn off your neighbor’s TV with your mobile very easily. On the other hand, you have to know that you can also connect your mobile with the computer through a wi-fi connection.

The process is extremely similar to as if you had an iPhone. The difference is that, with Android, you have to press the detect icon on the phone. Once it detects the name of your computer, you select it and the connection will have been established .


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