How to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10?

= Windows Defender for Windows 10 is a powerful antivirus with the same weight as Avast or AVG in both efficiency and functionality. Previously this was not reliable so another antivirus was always used to protect the computer. However, now you can have two, know how to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10.

Although Windows Defender is enough according to experts and several important opinions (you can even download and use Windows Defender offline , something that other antivirus does not allow) many still prefer other services to the integrated one. But Windows Defender has the possibility of being enabled in passive or active mode and working alongside another antivirus. What causes Windows Defender to apply certain actions that may bypass the external antivirus that has been installed.

Aspects to understand to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10

There are several ways that Windows Defender can be placed due to certain causes. These modes are active, passive, automatic disabled, and EDR in block mode.

Windows Defender will be in active mode if other security software is not found or detected. In this mode you will exercise real-time protection, file analysis, threat correction, and apply virus database updates.

If another antivirus program is detected, it will go into automatic disabled mode. Because in the first instance the two activated at the same time can generate errors, malfunctions and consumption of resources, reducing the performance of the computer.

In the event that the antivirus system installed has compatibility with Microsoft Defender ATP , Windows Defender will be switched to passive mode. In this mode it does not correct threats, but analyzes and produces reports about them on the computer.


Finally, there is the EDR in blocking mode activated which is positioned as a secondary antivirus, but takes scanning measures, correction of threats and updates. However, although it does not have real-time protection, it is the best option to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10

Steps to use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10

Although it can be useful to have two antivirus programs, it is important to bear in mind that Windows Defender is sufficient to protect a computer and does not consume almost any resources, unlike other antivirus.

To use another antivirus together with Windows Defender in Windows 10 it is necessary to enter the settings. This is done by inserting “Windows Defender” into the application browser bar and selecting “Antivirus and threat protection”. This will open the main Windows Defender settings window, in which it can be disabled or enabled.

In that window you can see which is the external antivirus provider and it will show if important actions are required, it will also give the option to directly open that antivirus.

If it is downloaded completely, “Windows Defender antivirus options” will be displayed , you must click on it. Next, an option will be displayed that will have a switch to proceed to activate it.

This option allows Windows Defender to perform periodic scans even when another antivirus is installed and running. The switch must be activated by clicking on it. Next, a confirmation window will appear that must be accepted in order to activate it.


Configure Windows Defender

Once activated, two new options will appear in the previous menu. Look for the option “Manage settings” and click on it. This will lead to a series of options that can be activated so that Windows Defender applies its functions or not. It should be noted that the option “Real-time protection” may not be available because the other antivirus provider is not supported.

Remember that if for some reason this protector stops satisfying you, you can always activate or deactivate Windows Defender antivirus whenever you want.

With that last one, today’s explanation ends, however, it is recommended that you look for how to install a free antivirus on my laptop or pc? And what are the best free and paid antivirus out there? So you know where to scan.



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