How To Use Android parental control

If we buy a mobile for our minor child, we have to configure their device with parental control so that we can control the type of content they can access and the time they spend using the device.

On Android we can find a wide variety of parental control applications , but one of the best options is the official Android parental control, the Google Family Link application that integrates perfectly with most Android devices.

How active?

If we want to control the applications and the time that our underage son uses using his Android device, we have to activate Google Family Link on both devices. To do this we have to go to Settings > Google > Parental controls and follow the steps shown by your assistant, which helps us install the application, create a family group and remotely monitor our child’s mobile .


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What I can do?

Once Google Family Link is activated on the mobile of the father or mother and on that of the child or adolescent, we will have access to a series of tools that will give us total control of what our children can or cannot do with their devices .

Restrict content

The first thing it allows us to do in “Manage settings” is to add content restrictions from Google Play, YouTube, Chrome, Google Search and Stadia. There we can configure if the downloads or purchases of applications need authorization from the guardian, or configure the age rating so that they cannot download applications, movies or books not according to their age.

View usage time and set limits

Google Family Link allows us to see the time that our child spends using the day, week and month, along with the use he is making of each application. This section allows us to set limits or timers so that you cannot use an application after a maximum time has passed.

Block apps or permissions

This section also allows us to block applications so that our child cannot open it from their device, as well as being able to configure the application permissions to improve the child’s privacy.

Set daily limits on screen time

The “Screen Time” section allows us to define daily limits on device usage. If in the previous section we could set limits for each application, here the limit is set to the total time of use of the device. We can set a daily limit for each day of the week and configure the hours of the day in which the mobile cannot be used because it is bedtime.

View recently installed apps

With Google Family Link we can see the applications that our son has installed in the last seven days so that we can more easily review our son’s downloads and be able to act accordingly if we see that he has installed an application or game that we do not want him to have.

Control which devices your child signs in to

Google Parental Controls shows us which devices our child is signed in to, which also allows us to configure some device settings . For example, we can prevent our child from adding users to his mobile, installing unknown applications or activating the options for developers.

See your child’s last location

Finally, in addition to being able to make our son’s mobile ring , we can also check his last location to find his mobile or know where his new son is.


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