How to use and configure the Camera-FV5 application to record with my Android

Having applications that provide the necessary help to get the most out of the skills is very essential when progressing. If you are a person who likes photography a lot and everything related to this Camera FV-5 will be the complementary application for you.

What is Camera FV-5?

Camera FV-5 is an application for Android devices that allows you to have a camera with advanced settings that allows you to capture great images and videos. As well as you can download and install the iPhone camera on Android

It was developed by Flavio González Vázquez as an easy-to-open door for the most professional handling of the camera. Turning out to be a wonderful option for those who are now beginners, but hope to become experts with a little help.

This can be used both on mobile devices and on tablets and cameras that can be managed through an Android, it should be noted that you can configure a quick access to start the camera on Android

The service provided by this application contains a series of controls that you would normally see in so-called advanced compact cameras or reflex cameras (DSLR).

So it would be unlikely to find these controls offered by Camera FV-5 in the Android firmware in the case of applications belonging to the devices or third parties.

With this application you will be able to exploit each of the resources that your camera can provide and control a large number of modules.

This no matter what type of device you have (mobiles, tablets and cameras), since it is capable of handling more than 2000 models with wide compatibility. Thanks to this, the application is easier to detect in advance.

You will in turn see how and what is the most appropriate way to perform the entire procedure. Part of this includes not compressing the captured images or videos so that it maintains the quality and can be processed later.

The objective of Camera FV-5 is to give your photographs a more professional view, that is, each photograph will have the appropriate conditions.

You can download Camera FV-5 to your device from the official Android application store that is very well known as Google Play .

Why use Camera FV-5 to record instead of the device’s camera?

There are more than one reason why it will be a better option for you to use this application than the one that comes by default on your Android. This time we will only give an explanation of three of them in relation to focus, exposure or aperture and white balance. You can also learn to take good photos at night with your Android mobile


Fixing the focus of the video can be somewhat tedious from the original application of your devices, since an involuntary blur occurs when there is a sudden movement in the plane.

Exposure or diaphragm

Surely you have noticed that while recording there has been a sudden change in light that can cause a lot of fuss, why?

The final video would result in an image that fluctuates between a dark or very bright environment without maintaining the balance that is generally sought.

White balance

An area with good lighting can be an excellent setting for recording, but mixing more than one light can result in an image with altered colors (bluish or yellowish).

How to use and configure the Camera FV-5 application to record with your Android?

All this can be avoided with the advanced configurations offered by Camera FV-5, you just have to access the settings within the application and make the modifications to these parameters.

To solve the problem with exposure and white balance you must go to the “Video” section. There you will find the option “Video image configuration” and within it you will see the options that will allow you to block the desired parameters.

On the other hand, if you talk about audio monitoring, you just have to go to the “Audio” section. In the latter you will find everything you could want to know about it, such as its source or what the bit rate is.

The application allows customizations such as naming files, specifying destination folders and indicating which device buttons will serve as shortcuts for certain parameters.

You have more freedom in resolution than Android offers , and in terms of viewing, having a variety of grids will make it easier to frame.


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