How to use a glue gun

Glue guns have become a godsend for craftsmen. Joining parts, fixing, sealing – such is the application of the tool. We will tell you how to use a networked thermo gun, what can be glued with it.

The article will help to bring to life the most original ideas in hand-made and other fields of activity.

How to use a heat gun

Brief instructions on how to use the network glue gun:

  1. You need to load the glue gun, that is, insert a rod into it. Without a consumable, a cheap tool can fail due to overheating. Some models start working immediately after receiving 220 V, others have a power button.
  2. We are waiting for the gun to pick up the temperature. The heating element will start melting the glue in 3-7 minutes. The heating time depends on its power and the diameter of the rods. Some instruments have a heating indication.
  3. We apply glue to a previously prepared surface (degreased, dust-free, etc.). To do this, pull the trigger. When the rod runs out, it cannot be pushed with the trigger. This means that you need to insert a new consumable.
  4. After applying glue to the first part, immediately press the second to it. Hold for 2-3 seconds, release. After a few minutes, the glue will cool down and you’re done.

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What materials can be glued

The thermal gun is a fairly versatile tool. Its advantage is the connection of parts with hot melt. The high temperature allows a wide range of materials to be bonded firmly. Good demand for powerful models is due to the fact that a glue gun can be used to glue:

  • cardboard, wood and carpet;
  • linoleum, leather, plastic and cable;
  • tiles, ceramics, fabrics, glass, PVC plastic, metal, etc.

Homogeneous and dissimilar connections can be made. In addition, the rods are used for sealing, as well as for fixing, for example, wires in the manufacture of electrical engineering. The color of the consumable helps to choose the optimal consumable, which, however, can have a purely decorative value.

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Common faults and how to fix them

Heat guns, especially cheap ones, tend to break. The problem is usually mechanical or electrical.

Here are some typical malfunctions and what can be done to make the glue from the gun go off again.

Malfunctions Solution
The trigger mechanism is out of order. The trigger cannot be pulled forward. The typical cause of the malfunction is the fragile plastic structure connecting the trigger and the pusher mechanism could not withstand the load Installing a connecting bracket made of metal
The spring of the trigger mechanism is stretched Replacing or shortening an old spring
The cable or plug is out of order, power is not supplied to the heating element Replacing the cable / plug
The heating element does not heat up due to problems with contacts Replacing a broken contact plate with a new one

A cheap thermal gun often makes no sense to carry it to repair, since more than its cost may be charged for troubleshooting.

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How to clean a glue gun

Some tools are gender specific. It is rare to see a girl working with a hammer drill or a jackhammer . The thermo gun is a different matter, it is used by both male repairmen and women who are engaged in needlework. And the weaker sex does not like to work with a glue gun that looks like a mess.

If you do not put the tool on the bracket between the work steps, but put it on the table, the glue can get under the body. Therefore, cleaning can be:

  • Internal

We warm up the gun so that the glue holding the halves of the body together melts. Turn off the tool, unscrew the screws, remove the wire stand. We remove the glue that got inside with a cloth.

  • External

We warm up the gun and remove the softened glue from the body with a dry cloth.

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Safety regulations

  1. The basic rule is not to touch the hot nozzle so as not to burn your hand. Contact with molten adhesive is not as dangerous as hot metal.
  2. Manufacturers of thermal guns prohibit giving the tool to children. However, if a teenager knows how to properly work with a glue gun, he can be trusted to make crafts.
  3. Do not forget the thermo gun is on.
  4. Do not disassemble it when it is powered on.
  5. If you need to glue materials hazardous to health that contain asbestos, use a respirator.

Otherwise, the safety rules are the same as those that are included in the instructions by the manufacturers of other power tools . Do not work with a wet, faulty thermal gun, etc. It is forbidden to use it for other purposes.

In general, problems rarely arise with the use of thermal guns. The design of the glue tool is simple and safe. Cheap models sometimes break down rather quickly due to the use of low-quality materials by manufacturers, but you can always replace such a pistol with a similar device. An alternative approach is to choose products from well-known brands and enjoy them for years. If you have pumped up skills, you can make anything from hot melt glue, glue any structure.

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