How To Use A Bedpan And Urinal In Hospital For Men And Women

How To Use A Bedpan And Urinal In Hospital For Men And Women.Bedpan is a container used by patients on bed for passing and stools. A patient who cannot move to toilet or who has been instructed by attending physician not to move out of bed, are usually provided with a bedpan for the purpose mentioned. Normally bedpan is given early morning. But it should be given whenever She patient needs it.

Other Material

  1. Screen. 2. Toilet paper or other wiping material. 3. Kidney tray. 4. Bowl of water. 5. Forcep. 6. Perineal care tray for al bleeding cases.


  • First the privacy is maintained by putting the bed side screen.
  • The attendants or relatives are kept out-of-place again for privacy.
  • Always have the bed pan covered with cloth or metal cover.
  • In cold weather warm the bed pan with hot water.
  • Inspect that the bed pan is clean and dry.
  • Lift the bed-clothes and fold gown up high, under back, remove the waist clothing. Fanfold the bed-clothes, if a female patient wearing a sanitary pad, fold it carefully place it in kidney tray and remove T binder.
  • Ask the patient to flex knees and press heels against the bed.
  • At the same time place your hand under the patient’s pelvis raise the hips and slip the bed pan under patient.
  • Make sure that the bedpan is in the right position for the patient. Raise the back rest or place pillows under the back if required.
  • Leave the patient for sometime but not too long.
  • The time you are leaving the patient don’t forget that you have given bedpan to a patient which sometimes is done by nursing staff. If there is change of duty, tell the relieving staff that you have given bedpan to one patient
  • When pan is removed, turn the patient on his side and anal area with washed muslin or rough cotton Discard in waste container. Toilet paper can be use the purpose if the patient or attendant provides the pa; their convenience.
  • Cover the bed pan immediately and keep it on a stool never on chair. Straighten bed, remove screen and allow the patient comfortably to his position.
  • Empty the bed pan immediately without keeping in bat or latrines to avoid foul smell and fly nuisance.
  • Any sponge in bed pan should be removed by Chi put in waste container.
  • It is duty of the nursing staff to notice color of urine stool. The stool color, consistency, amount, pres blood and mucous and undigested food particles or should be noticed.
  • In case of such abnormality inform attending physician.
  • When a patient asks for a bed pan, it means the patient i it then and there, the nursing staff should pay attention this job giving priority.
  • For completely helpless patient more than one nurse required for giving a bed pan.
  • Bed pan should be disinfected at least once a week or ding to need.
  • One should not leave cotton, pads etc. in bed pan as block flush system in latrine. But usually patients do such items in bed pan. In this case these items shot removed from bedpan by chimta before throwing to latrine pan.
  • Clean your hands after procedure.

10 Tips: How To Use A Bedpan And Urinal In Hospital For Men And Women,

Effects of wrong handling of bedpan

  • Discomfort to patient during defecation.
  • Injury to patients back which may lead to bed sore or peripatetic formation of bed sore.
  •  Injury to operation stitches by making the patient to do her own cleaning.
  • Unnecessary exposure to patient.
  • Spreading infection by in proper cleaning of bed pan, hand and anal area.

Use  of Urinal or Urine pan

  • A urine pan or urinal is used by male patients when they want to pass urine.
  • Give the urinal in patient’s hand open and away from you and explain how to hold it.
  • When a patient is unable to handle urinal due to paralysis of hand or some other cause making him incapable, the nursing staff should not hesitate to help the patient in passing urine in the urinal.
  • Empty the urinal immediately and rinse it with water and brush it. The urinal should them be disinfected by Lysol or phenol or any other disinfectant before further use.
  • Record the out put of urine in the chart.
  • If there is any naked-eye abnormality in color of urine, intimate to senior stall or attending doctor.
  • Now a days urinal for female patient’s are also available. The procedure is same as for the male patient.

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