How to upload multiple photos to Instagram

Uploading multiple photos to social networks is an extremely useful function, since this way you avoid uploading the content of one publication at a time. On the contrary, in this way a large number of photos and videos can be included within the same publication and thus save time as well as avoiding filling the beginning of our followers with our publications.

So here we will see how to upload multiple photos to the social network Instagram at the same time. In the same way, you will also see the established limit of photos that can be included within the same publication, finally it will be explained what to do in case you do not see or find the button that allows you to do this action within the application.

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  1. How many photos can be included in the same post?
  2. How do I upload multiple photos without the ‘Multiple Selection’ button?
  3. What can be done if multiple photos are not posted together on Instagram?
    1. Check internet connection
    2. Clear the application cache
    3. Check for new updates
    4. Report the app crash
    5. Restart the cell phone

How many photos can be included in the same post?

Instagram gives the possibility of uploading up to 10 photos in the same publication. This is the limit number therefore you cannot upload more than that number for each publication. Of course, it is possible to publish less than 10, if it is your desire and will you can simply upload two or three, but never more than ten.

How do I upload multiple photos without the ‘Multiple Selection’ button?

The first thing to do is enter the platform of the social network, from the beginning of your account you have to click on the button with the plus symbol (+), which is used to add photos to Instagram and make publications.

In this part, you have to click on the gallery option to find the images to be published. By doing this, you go to a section that has several buttons such as Layout or Boomerang . However, the largest and longest is the one that interests you for this procedure, which is called selecting several.

From that moment on, you can start selecting the images to upload. When each photo is touched or chosen, Instagram assigns them a number, which means the order in which these photos will be displayed within the publication. You can change this order later when you make your edits.

In the case of not having the Multiple Selection button, the only option to upload several photos is to do it individually.  In this order of ideas, in the same way, you must press the button with the plus sign to search for the images. From there you choose the photo to be uploaded, go to edit mode and click on publish.

Then, you have to repeat this process with each image that you want to upload to an Instagram post. On the other hand, and in case you do not have the button to upload several photos at the same time , you can make a collage. In this sense, you have to go outside of Instagram and mount several photos within the same image and then return to the app and upload said image.

What can be done if multiple photos are not posted together on Instagram?

After choosing the images, you must click on the next button to go to the next section. This section is the part of editing the photos, in which if you do not enter each photo to apply changes one by one, the filter you choose is applied to all the photos equally. Don’t forget to activate the newest filters prior to this process.

There is a very low chance that when attempting to post, the multiple-select button will not appear. Since this feature is one that has been requested by users and has been on the platform for some time. However, there are some factors that could prevent the appearance of this button , let’s see in detail what these factors are.

Check internet connection

When there are internet failures, many features of this platform are hidden. Well, without internet it is not possible to load and upload any type of content to the platform. Therefore, it is recommended to make sure that there is an internet or mobile data connection to know if it is because of this problem that the multiple selection of photos does not appear at the time of publication.

In the same way, you could check in the settings of the Instagram account, to see if the option is active. In this sense, you have to go to the configuration option, from where you can unlock followers . Then you must look at the account section and verify that everything is in order and there is no option disabled.

Clear the application cache

When an application accumulates too much memory, it begins to crash or slow down. Therefore, it is recommended to clean this memory for which you have to enter the phone settings, enter the applications section and from there search for the Instagram app to enter it. Once this is done, some configuration options appear, including clearing cache memory. After doing this, you can try again to upload multiple images at the same time.

Check for new updates

The version of Instagram you use may not be one of the newest, therefore, the feature of uploading multiple photos does not come out. So it is always recommended to be aware of new updates to all applications, especially Instagram. To do this, you have to look for the application in the virtual store of preference and press update when you have found it. After this, it is very possible that this button already appears.

Report the app crash

In case no procedure can fix this problem and the button still does not appear. You can report the failure of the application to the workers of the Instagram company. This action can be done through the application or through the page of the social network on the internet. Therefore, you should only write a letter explaining the situation and wait for them to respond with the solution.

Restart the cell phone

Before reporting any type of failure and if none of the above processes does not work, it is best to restart the device. Well, the phone or computer may be having problems and these affect the Instagram app, but a quick restart can solve.

To do this, you just have to press the restart button and wait a moment for the action to be completed, then you have to go back to Instagram and try your luck again. Similarly, another possibility is to delete the application and download it again on the device so that it comes with the new updates and functions.

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