How to upload an in Google Play with Android Studio

Currently, in this modern era we can see how the demands and changes are increasing; That is why your Android mobile needs to be updated every day , and you can do it by downloading the latest applications. Thanks to Google Play, which is an application platform for Android mobile devices. Well, if what you want is to upload an update of an app to Google Play with Android Studio. Here we have it.

In addition, activating Google Play is a great help to easily and simply maintain everything that is required from your device and thus keep it updated. That is why in this post we will explain step by step how you can perform this update with Android Studio.

Caution when uploading new applications

To carry out the procedure in which you can upload the new applications, you must first of all inspect that your application is working perfectly; therefore, we suggest that you test other phones that are operational. If you made any changes to any of the data, be it entering the camera, writing, among others, you must notify it in AndroidManifest.xml.

Other precautions that you must keep in mind to avoid some common mistakes is to eliminate the code that does not serve you , that is, that you are not using. Also, keep in mind that if you are a constant customer, the downloads will be instantaneous and automatic, but otherwise they will take time to arrive.

Also, you must bear in mind that if there is an application on your Android, that is the one that will appear; And in the same way, Android Studio has version 1 as an application defect; This is why Google Play in all cases will mark an error when installing APK with the same version code.

You must be clear that what you need is to change that version, and you must continue to do so gradually; this way you will be able to somehow get your mobile and google Play updated . It should be noted that in the same way you can have a duplicate APK on your mobile if you wish, or you can uninstall it.

How to change the version of an App in Android Studio?

To begin, you must go to the gradle application and modify the version of the APK once there in the Cod e version , you must increase a number, that is, if in your previous application it is one you must go to two; this is used in order to know if the version is more recent than the previous one. Then, the versionName attribute is a personal decision , by mistake its presentation is 1.1 or 1.01 but it will be up to the choice that you decide.

How to create an APK in Android Studio to upload an app update to Google Play? 

This procedure has to do with the application of a file, where you can start the program. Once you have your Android application code and Android Studio is installed , proceed to open the program you want to translate into the code you want to run; and when you are in the menu click on Build > Generate Signed Bundle / APK.

Once this procedure is done, you will immediately see a window and there click on key store path and to finish you must press the Next button and that way you can already have the APK .

Then you must upload this new version in your Google Play account, in the versions section of the app you want to update, once there we load the generated apk file, once the upload is complete, it only remains to wait for our new version to be approved and reach all users who have the app installed.


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