How to upload, add and insert an MP3 to Blogger Blogspot

Blogs are a very useful and versatile tool. Creating a free Blog offers us several ways to share information, it can be in writing, through photos, videos or audios. You will learn how to add and insert an mp3 to Blogger Blogspot . Let’s first see a brief review of what a Blogger is.

What is Blogger?

Blogger is a free blogging service from Google , where you can create your page and is one of the best known for its ease and convenience. In a blog we can talk about one or several specific topics, with the option that our readers ask us questions or make comments, and we respond to them; in this way there is direct communication.

In addition, the blog is updated weekly, as you find more content or information on the subject you are talking about. In Blogger you can add photos,  upload videos and audios to your information to make it more attractive and increase the interest of the public.

In order to add an mp3 file to Blogger Blogspot you must follow some simple instructions. Here we will show you how to do it step by step, and also some suggestions that you can put into practice.

How to add an mp3 file to Blogger Blogspot?

In principle you must locate the audio files that you want to upload, and locate the option to share in a blog. Some of these pages can be EITB or Goear, the latter is a platform where users can easily record, upload, and share audio files of any type. From one of these pages you must choose the audio you want to add.

To add it to Blogger you must find the HTML of the audio; this code is found in every audio or video file. Being on the page, look for the tab share, insert, share, or embed; We also find it when we see the icon (<\>) . When pressing this option, the HTML code that we need to upload to the blog should appear.

Then, when you log in to Blogger , you press the option to add a new entry. This is in the upper left, in orange. After you post a review, it can be explaining what the audio is about or the topic to be covered, and you look for the HTML option to insert the code that you will copy from the page.

By doing this step, you will see how the style of the review you wrote changes; then you go to the page where the audio file is. If you use the EITB page, look for the audio in the VideoMultimedia tab, audio option . You choose the audio you need and a tab will open where you will listen to the selected audio.

To copy it, you go to the icon (<\>), where the HTML of the audio will appear in a window, and you give it the option to copy code and that’s it. Finally you paste it on your blog, below the review you wrote, and you give it to publish . To check how it turned out, go to the option see blog , and listen to the audio that you just uploaded.

Another way to add mp3 file to Blogger

If you do it from Goear, you go to its page and in the search engine you put the name of the music, audio or song that you want to add. Following this, the options related to your search will appear and you select the audio that you are specifically looking for.

After opening and listening to it, you should find the HTML code for the audio; In this case, when you give it the share option, it will automatically appear in a pop-up window. You copy it, go back to Blogger and paste it under the short text that you reviewed, to finally give it to publish . If you want to see how the audio was added, you go to the option see input and listen to the audio.

As we said at the beginning, adding an audio file to Blogger is easier than it sounds, by following these easy steps. You only have to repeat it a couple of times and it will be recorded quickly. If you liked the information and it worked, share it with your friends, and leave us your comments at the end of the article.


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