How to upload a video to Tik Tok from your gallery

The Tik Tok network is known worldwide for its unique aspect of short videos of 30 seconds or long videos of 60 seconds, it became famous for its ability to entertain people with its variety of trend that means trend or, failing that, fashion.

You also have the power to choose if you want a public profile where all users can see your videos on the wall “for you” it is said that you can earn money and if you have success becoming influencers , your other option is to simply activate privacy on your Tik Tok .

Whatever your decision, you should also only create content in the same way you can make videos with photos, texts and music from your gallery , also record live videos with a filter that is in trend.

If you have experience or not, here in discover how to do it we will guide you step by step to make and upload your video from the gallery to Tik Tok for the first time this is extremely easy, we only recommend that you update Tik Tok to the latest version in order to have all your tools.


  • How to make videos to upload to Tik Tok
  • How to upload a video to Tik Tok from your gallery for the first time

How to make videos to upload to Tik Tok

There are two ways to make videos for Tik Tok, one is through the filters and effects that are available in the application, they are a great variety that are being added as time goes by .

For this, just start a section in this social network and press the ” more ” icon , the camera is immediately activated to record and on the sides you will see the option to add effects and filters , either trends, green screen, funny and many effects specials with which you can have fun for a while.

The other way is through external editing programs. This form is used by certain professionals who upload a type of material specializing in a single category of content, but you can create your personalized video and save it in your gallery.

You must make sure to create a video that attracts the attention of users using special sounds and transitions that cause a great impact since the effect that these can have on the public is the key to growing in this social network.

Once your video is recorded or created, you must upload it and if you still do not know how to do it because it is your first time, you only have to be guided by the steps below:

How to upload a video to Tik Tok from your gallery for the first time

If you already have a video in your gallery following the recommendations above then proceed to upload it also from the icon with the “plus” symbol located at the bottom of the application interface.

Then on the right side you will see the icon of your gallery with the name ” load “, this will take you to all the videos or images that you have in your gallery, when you choose one you will tick it or mark it by clicking on the circle at the top.

Then you proceed to “next” and you will see your video with a playback bar and two options, one is to change the speed time and the other to rotate it from 90 to 180 degrees, this will only change the basic aspect of the video.

If you want to change something, this is the time, otherwise you just click on the following and then the filters, emoticons, texts and effects that the program has at its disposal will appear, and in this part you customize it according to your preferences.

Then when you press next again you can choose other aspects more focused on the public such as the description of your video, who can see it, if you admit comments or duets and you can also grant permissions so that other users can download it.

Once you have checked the boxes according to your personalization, you can select if you want to also publish the video on another social network from those available, be it WhatsApp, Instagram or Facebook, then you press ” publish” and you are ready to publish your first video published on Tik Tok. Successes!


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