How to upload a GIF to Twitter?

An image expresses much more than a thousand words. Thanks to technology , there are GIFs today . These have tremendous power to convey information in seconds. Since they arrived, they have been used in many ways and in social networks they can already be used.

And indeed, its operation is extremely simple, since it is a series of images that are passed in front of our eyes at a predetermined speed to realize the illusion that we are watching a video .

This article outlines the steps to post a GIF to Twitter , from any Twitter application (we refer to mobile or desktop device), wherever we access Twitter . This is very good for GIF enthusiasts , it is already possible to do it and with these steps, you can easily do it.

What, finally, will allow you to broadcast your GIFs on this amazing social network and to clarify what you think so much through a brilliant GIF .

Download the Twitter application

To publish our favorite GIF , we just have to download the Twitter application , both on Android and iOS, it works in both applications. This is always found in the default app stores of each device, both in the Play Store if it is an Android and in the App Store if it is an iPhone . It is important to know that if our device is compatible with the application, we can upload our favorite GIF .

We will open the application and go to the icon that allows us to write tweets, click on it. This procedure is the same, when we use Twitter for PC, from our favorite browser, such as Google Chrome or Firefox .

View your favorite GIF in your personal gallery

Next, we need to click on the camera icon to attach our GIF. Not all GIFs are accepted on Twitter , in terms of size. We recommend that you upload those with standardized features and sizes.

Find your favorite GIF in your personal gallery

Choose your favorite GIF , from your gallery, from your file manager or from the site where you downloaded it. When checked, it will show it’s a GIF image you want to upload and Twitter will recognize it. The good thing is that you can view the position of your GIF before any images you have.

Upload your favorite GIF to Twitter

After uploading and selecting our favorite GIF , you need to enter a description or text of your choice.

Remember it’s Twitter and the character limit is low. However, that doesn’t stop us from expressing ourselves with our favorite GIF. However , we recommend that you give it a good description or name that you can remember for future use. When done, click Tweet and post it .

Enjoy your new GIF!

After we post our GIF , we just need to make sure it moves. There are browsers that can do this automatically or we click on them to start their movements.


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