How to upload a 4k video to Instagram from my iPhone?

Without a doubt, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the world, but above all it has become one of the favorites due to the quality in which the different Posts are published. In addition, it allows you to upload photos and videos with high resolution, but this is because the option to upload photos and videos in high quality is still available. Therefore, it will also allow you to upload videos in 4K format.

However, iOS users still do not know how to upload videos in 4K format and it is really very easy to upload videos to any of the high resolution publication options. So, if you still don’t know how to upload videos to Instagram in 4K format from your iPhone, don’t worry because here we will teach you.

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  1. What should I keep in mind before uploading a 4k video to Instagram with my iPhone?
    1. Instagram lowers the quality
    2. Recommended sizes for Instagram videos
    3. Recommended formats
  2. How can I upload a 4k video to my Instagram profile?
  3. What to do to upload 4k videos to my Instagram stories?
  4. How do you upload a video in 4k resolution to an Instagram Reel?

What should I keep in mind before uploading a 4k video to Instagram with my iPhone?

Before we can upload a 4K video to our Instagram account or in any other format, we must know some very important and interesting information. We know that Instagram allows us to upload videos in very good quality, but even so, things that can occur that make it somewhat difficult for these videos to be seen in the same quality in which they were recorded.

Instagram lowers the quality

One of the things you should know about Instagram when it comes to uploading videos from your iPhone in 4K format, is that even if the video has the best quality, it tends to reduce the quality of the video . Also, not only does it reduce the quality of the video, but sometimes it happens that the light in the video changes a more yellowish tone or becomes brighter than it is in the actual video.

Recommended sizes for Instagram videos

We must also know before uploading a 4K video that it must have a specific size and that they are recommended by the Instagram platform. Also, in the case of videos that are uploaded in a Story, they must have a specific size of 1080×1920 . Now for videos that are posted to Reels, they will need to be 1080×1920 in size which is similar to the size of story videos.

Likewise, in the case of the videos that are published in a normal post on our Instagram account, this varies in size depending on the one you decide to adopt. Among the versions that we find to publish videos is that for the 1:1 ratio the size is 1080×1080, for the 4:5 ratio it is 1080×1350 and for the 16:9 ratio it is 1920×1080.

Recommended formats

Aside from setting a specific Instagram size for the videos that are posted, it also indicates that the videos must be in MP4 format and that they must have a certain length of about 60 seconds or more . Also, if it is vertical, it must have a ratio of 9:16 and 16:9 horizontally.

How can I upload a 4k video to my Instagram profile?

We always try to ensure that the videos that we want to publish on our Instagram account have a good quality so that they can be seen as well as possible. Now today many of the iPhone phones have integrated the option in the camera to record videos in 4K, which is one of the best tools for a phone, because it allows us to make videos in great quality and resolution.

Likewise, if you want to upload a video to your Instagram profile, you will have to take into account a very important fact and that is that so that the videos that you are going to upload in 4K format do not lose quality, you must configure an option in your profile. Now to configure this option, you must enter the settings of your Instagram account and then you will enter the account option. Next, look for the “Data usage” section and click on the “Elements uploaded with high quality” option and activate the option.

Then you must record the video from your iPhone in 4K format and with HDR so that the video has high quality and is not distorted when uploading it to Instagram. Then just upload the video to your profile and share it with your followers.

What to do to upload 4k videos to my Instagram stories?

The only way to upload good quality videos to Instagram stories is to have a phone with a very good camera and have the option to record in 4K full HD. Since the Instagram camera does not have this option and in general the videos that we record directly from Instagram do not have great quality and therefore if you want to upload 4K videos to your stories, you must previously record them with your phone’s camera to then share it in your stories.

How do you upload a video in 4k resolution to an Instagram Reel?

For lovers of short videos with transitions like those made in tiktok, Instagram has designed the Reels option that allows you to create short videos . But for many it is very important that these short videos that are published in the Reels section of Instagram accounts have very good quality and resolution.

However, to get videos like Reels posted in high quality or 4K format to your Instagram account , you’ll need to shoot them with your phone’s camera option first. In the case of iPhones, these phones have very good camera quality. Apart from having to use the phone’s camera, you will have to edit the video in a program that allows you to save it in 4K or full HD . Once you edit the video and save it in 4K, you can upload it to your Instagram account and share it in the Reels section.

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